Wednesday, January 30


2008 has been busy, very busy so far. which is good coz I dont have time to throw a full fledged rant here, or get angry at anybody...well at least not all the time. And i yam making some money, which is better. Still cant stop people around me nagging me to get a real job, which makes it all worthwhile being a rebel blogger biker physicist linguist dude. (biker and blogger sounds good together aint it?) I think this is turning into a rant post!
I promised Cindy to do a tag which I must do once i get back to the big city. Big city sucks, but i have to go back there...for reasons unknown to me. At least no one there nags me to get married, loose weight, and suggest as million things for my migraine. Which has no Cure! The only way I can get the pain to stop these days is a can of coke...yeh...I dont understand the secrets of the universe either. I popped enough pills to qualify me as a dope addict, and all it takes to get rid of the pain (for a while) is a can of coke. I can see a whole new ad line me dear Coca Cola ppl.
I am still at my very hot, literally, hot hot hot town. my ice blended green tea melted in 5 minutes, its that hot. Oh, the starbucks in SP improved a lot. One thing im going to miss going back to the big city is food. I can do dinner here for 3 bucks which will cost at least 7 to 8 bucks in the big city. And it definitely tastes better here. I get depressed thinking about food.
Im going to sleep now...bye guys.

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Jeevan said...

hello dear Coca Cola :) its my favorite soft drink also.


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