Thursday, January 31

Of Stories I Never Knew

wish i knew
when principles become ego
or how to hide it
so that no one knows
cant describe
the feelings right now
lets just hope its for the good
amazing how writings
in our minds
can convey emotions
not possible by word
i am silenced by love
by emotions
but this time
there is no solution
no unending horizon
no everlasting sunrise
no mornings
no tomorrows
i am in pain again
wish i can share
the truth
but no
not today
maybe not ever


Pauline said...

Share with that one person. Share your thoughts and feeling.
This is a lovely piece of your work please share more with us.

Cinderella. said...

this is exactly what my heart beats this moment.
So true.
"I am silenced by love,
by emotions,
but this time,
there is no solution..."
Loved it...through and through !!!
You doing good dude ?

Katie McKenna said...

This is beautiful yet amazingly sad, feeling the same devastation I did when my relationshipped died.

Anonymous said...

Dude.. just stop thinking and go get that car under your name and drive it back to wherever you came from! Nuf said....

Dont fall victim to emotional blackmail.

Ramses said...

Hmm, GP!!

Miladysa said...

Ghosty - you are a true poet.

"amazing how writings
can convey emotions
not possible by word
i am silenced by love
by emotions"

Jeevan said...

I wish nothing gets out of your hand and i don't know how to blast out of your pain. take care bro.


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