Friday, January 25


who knows my pain
shall i walk or shall i die
in vain
thats for the future to tell
but who knows my pain


Katie McKenna said...

Our pain is similar, yet different , different in the uniqueness of you and I, and know that everything you do vibrates throughout, touching me as well as others.

Make your day great regardless - as a gift to yourself!

Alok said...

what breathes in you breathes in me as well Siva ... What moves in you moves in me as well and in all of us ... let serene thoughts come your way .. let peace be your love and life a destination tht you cover ...

cheer up bro


Nahuatl said...

hehehe... u know wat i mean.. right? :D

Cinderella. said...

Dude...dont be so pissed na.
Cheer up.
Doesnt feel nice to have to see you this way.
I hope you know how special you are.
Love ya.

Miladysa said...

Look at all the love that is coming to you from Katie, Alok, Nahuati, Cinderella and Moi!

We will share your burden with you Ghost!


Jeevan said...

Hugs bro! i wish for you a relief from the pain.

Ghost Particle said...

[katie] we are one, the world is the same, the pain is our own actions reflection from the world. Thank you katie. :)

[alok] this too shall pass bro. The future is waiting :) Thanks Alok.

[nayan] yes bro...dont say it :P im ok now.

[cindy] thanks dear...we shall make the best of what the moment has to offer.

[milady]and we will be together always. hugs Milady, you are the wise one.

[jeevan] nanba, thank you. you are my guide :)


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