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Digital morons better do something. They better stop fucking me and dont screw the Internet connection. Like come on, there's only 24 hours in a day. Let me do my bloody work and sleep. I don't have case you haven't been reading my 600+ posts, my holidays are like 2 days 'getting lost in a car' holiday. So my brain is deprived of so much of good stuff and is booked for another 50 years that I jst dont hav the time.
The new year, my TV busted some pins and now everything's yellow, the electric kettle decided to die, fridge full of junk and something is growing fruits in there, zee PC has slowed that. I've been listening to trance all day hoping my brain would work faster. Screwed up and been offered some extension by the project manager...of course he doesn't know I have two more jobs from another company to finish this weekend. Not to mention the thesis...since 5 years ago. And no I never get free products...why? I just help them sell a freaking million stuff and I don't get a free one. No. And it's going to really rain! Raining elephants or something. Oh, guess what that asshle Edison did to an the video too.
I'm gonna go sleep now...hopefully cook up a badass lucid dream...and when I wake up, on the table there will be 1 copy of thesis all done and bind-ed, all my weekend work finished, apartment cleaned, a Lexus parked beside my 15 year old bike, Liverpool win the Premiership and all the books I borrowed read and returned. Or just don't wake me up till September. This is a rant post. My ongoing project to bore the blog Gods to death. Information Blasphemy.

I'm awake. Nothing changed. Rain stopped. And mysteriously...the sink iz full of dishes! I so need to get married...a dishwasher.
I c many relate to diz situation...hemmm...
Now the next get food.
Oh thanx Mandeep...Olav rocks!
and Vj thinks he's proteus the sea god. everyones going cookooo...
I'm watchin national treasure one...while the two is downloading...


Alok said…
u surely are annoyed Siva .. now cheer up :)

Mandeep Gill said…
You wanna make your head race?

Google him. find his house music.

Be on the fast track.

ps. i know what you're going through.


Have a fag :D
Big hugs babes A xxx
Kavi said…
Easy buddy ! Am sure tomrrow is going to be a very different day. The BMW may not be there...but its on the way !
kG said…
Smoke, drink, sleep, read the newspaper, have coffee. Make peace with time. It's alright to waste a day once in a while.
Ghost Particle said…
[alok] yeh bro...gonna hit the bottles again tonight...sigh...depression.

[mandeep] found him! holly man hes good. Thx...dont smoke though...gonna get drunk. :D

[anna] yehaw! got new bloggies? Hugs hugs...

[kavi] true enough sar...preseverance!

[kg] supp bro. what happens if u waste a lot of days once in a while. heh...:D gonna get that coffee too...till my heater, kettle broke.
Miladysa said…

You should rant more often!

I knew you had lost the plot when you mentioned Liverpool winning our Championship - yep - it's ours ;)

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!
Cinderella. said…
Dude, I know you're super-pissed and everything but this, totally cracked me !!!
And you kinda inspired me to gear up for the bulldozer thingg called thesis thats running upto me and is gonna bang me head on next week !
Cheer up...and thnx, really...
Goodluck to you too, with the truck-loads works over the weekend.

p.s : Was just gonna ask you, if you smoke, then scrolled down to read what you have replied to Mandeep, and the answer was what I was kinda hoping and expecting, I mean sans the drinking part !

Take care.
Nachi said…

sorry for being such a sadist and actually laughing my arse off at your predicament. its just that tomorrow i get back to Baroda and to a similar condition (sans the pending thesis). so as of now i'm enjoying your misery!

Jeevan said…
It was a quite info about the Edison Fried an Elephant.
Black Book Macha said…
I am not Proteus. I wish I was Kuberan instead!
Ghost Particle said…
[milady] heh thanx! oi mate...the cup is ours. :D thanx dear milady.

[cindy] thanx dear...hope you get to do all the things in time.

[nachi] bro! wazzup! in misery we see life. :D thanx!

[jeevs] scary pa...pity the animal.

[bbm] understand.

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