Thursday, January 3

Backyard Destinies

Some looping music from the mp3 player brought backyard memories. Maybe growing up in different centuries etched an undying respect for women, the true souls only. It dawned upon me if what women need is only respect, not the empowerment that the many social activists seek. Respect that should not be asked but be present every moment of time. Empowerment is a myth because they are able to do what they want, but did not get the respect or the same level of engagement. Words doesn't define them but their unwavering deeds last forever.

What more can you ask, and definitely they were not confined to the backyards for ages. They fought together with men, they lived together in class defined societies silently soaking up the anger for another day of love. They marched through years of solitude and depression to create an image of divinity. Something about their touch and their resolutions that we cant forget. We cant forget the faces, the lines of time on their face and their deep eyes.

Unforgettable memories of backyard destinies where the women of the world defined our lives. Today they are not confined to the backyards anymore. But we must not stop the liberation of the minds just because a few men believe in status and fate. And we cant stop the liberation of touch just because a few spoiled brats and rebellious vixens continue to shout that there is no level playing field. The respect of women comes from within the house and not the front pages of the news paper. And no rebellious voice can ever justify what the true soul women went through for ages. Revelry doesn't define freedom, whatever your cause may be. Standing your ground does. And a pure heart too.

This is not fate after all, this is belief, trust and respect. Something that we found genetically predefined in Asian women and I believe the women of the world.

A soulful dedication to the women of South Africa and his Grandmother by Vusi Mahlasela


Mandeep Gill said...

i believe
we women today do have a voice about the pain women of the past had gone through.

i know personally what struggles they went through. from my own mother and grandmothers and the stories of the women in my family.
i come from a diverse family. i know what life is for women in some of the world's most repressing places when it comes to women.

after all, we girls today are their daughters, the ones our mothers shared their darkest moments with as we grow up, to teach us of where we stand and it is then up to us to define our own place in our own time as we see fit with our knowledge.

Good one gp.

Ghost Particle said...

[mandeep] its admirable than many of todays young people will at all cost defend and live the good life the parents want which is a contrast from the challenges of the past generation. there is no line to cross if we know who we are. that is true empowerment.
// after all, we girls today are their daughters---> perfectly said. //
Women must be brave, braver today than ever before.

Jeevan said...

We have sent in past and even today some where in this world women kept behind the brightness (of man) from the views of this world. Rights less place have no respect at all, so they need rights to be respected.

"The respect of women comes from within the house and not the front pages of the news paper." Well said bro!

Miladysa said...

Awesome post Ghost :)

Cinderella. said...

I cant tell you how proud I am of you and how happy my heart feels for the one lucky lady who you're gonna love and live for...

I watched a show today on tv on the same topic, and a lady talked the same thing that you have talked about here.

Why do we have to talk of empowerment ? Why cant we just talk of respecting and acknowledging each other as individuals...nothing more nothing less...???

Fantastic're such a sweetheart.

***a big big big bear hug***


Ghost Particle said...

[jeevan] thanx pa. what we are doing in talking about this is right, what the world doing in brushing the issue away is wrong. may we continue to make a difference among the lives of others and ourselves.

[milady] thanx Milady. :)

[cindy] aww proud of you as well. jst wrote what came to mind. was listening to an Illayaraja song about women. a big hug back Pallavi...u r d best.

Cinderella. said...

Not as best as you buddy !
Somehow I wish you were here and we would be talking this over a cuppa coffee...aww...

p.s : Btw I love south-indian music, even though I dont understand the lingua, except a few Kannada words, which I picked while I was on internship.
Intend to learn it, when I settle down there.

Vesper said...

oooo ghost this is beautiful!


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