Friday, January 18

Another fine day

Lunch is potato chips, and its raining.

[Original] It's turning out to be a beautiful yet busy morning. Taking the positives out of a pile of negatives, I'll try to enjoy the work I'm doing for once. :) Breakfast is baked beans and toast, but I so very much wish for Idli and Thosai. And will try to get some nap at noon so that I dont suffer brain crash soon.

[+] I forgot to update this yesterday:

We are having MOVING OUT SALE in PAY LESS BOOKS below:

Carrefour Subang (Lot B1.01, Level B1) - Until 30 January 2008

Amcorp Mall (Lot 1.70, 1st Floor) - Until 30 January 2008

Summit USJ (Lot 1.32 & 1.33, 1st Floor) - Until 15 February 2008

50% off Storewide!!!


So go there and get your self a book or a dozen. I ransacked twenty SF tittles yesterday. There's alot of fiction, and non-fiction left.


venus66 said...

Thank you for the information. Take care.

Miladysa said...

Beans on toast is healthy :)

Have a lovely weekend Ghost and keep smiling :)

Alok said...

I liked the thought behind "Another fine day" :)... I liked the title too :D



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