Thursday, January 3

6.32 and it's all going down the drain

I must stop waking up at 4 am and watch football. It's the worst time, and the team always screws up and when you are outnumbered 20 to 1 at the restaurant, then you know what hell is. I'm not even talking about the other team fans, its the freakin waiters and all they bloody know and watch is cricket! And I must stop being so emotional about my football club. And I must stop cursing the referee from7000 miles away. It's so hard to understand Rafa Benitez and his team selection, I'd be surprised if he's still coaching Liverpool in a months time. I must not continue with the football rant. is soccer, all ye American friends. And Liverpool is owned by two rednecks from US of A. I'm going nuts. We are not going to win the tittle this season, again. It's been 18 years now since we last won it.


Mandeep Gill said...

why is everyone bitching about Rafa? What'd he do?
I'm an idiot.
Who's Rafa?

*pulls out umbrela and hides from stone throwers*

i'm a busy little student.
bite me.

Ghost Particle said...

Rafa is Liverpools coach. And probably the only freakin team coach n manager who gets screwed week in and week out for nothing. As if he's in the field kickin da ball. Its ugly football rather watch women's tennis seeing how they played yesterday. At least i can sleep happy. grrr...

Karthi said...

"I must stop waking up at 4 am and watch football. It's the worst time,"

I hope you have seen Reiss's talk on 4 am in TED :^)

Miladysa said...

Since when has being a fan been about winning ... oh yeah ... if you support Man U.

Come on you Blues ;)

Nachi said...

Liverpool sucks!!!! always knew it...

18 years and counting...eventually you might need a calculator bro.


ps: don't get too offensy on me, Chelsea ain't doing that well either! so i do feel ya.


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