Tuesday, January 1

2008 or 1984?

On the first day of 2008 I read this report from Privacy international. While USA and UK undoubtedly are the worst democracies in the world due to its active snooping of its citizens...'The lowest ranking countries in the survey continue to be Malaysia, Russia and China.' China and Russia for heavens sake, we are down there with China and Russia? How did we get to rank together with a communist regime and an ex communist regime?

Sometimes the human right reports and other types of social activism does not capture the cultural or religious aspects of certain countries in compiling and eventually branding an image to the affected countries. But it must be seen in a modern day perspective where information technology continues to prevent the concept of privacy and personal freedom; its a double edged sword. Where there is a technological will there will always be a way to find out the truth. It is indeed sad that Malaysia did not try to improve after all this while, but I believe the future will be better as the government will to a certain extent protect the privacy of the citizens. One thing to ponder is, for how long will the powers that be, undermine the power of information exchange and the determination of a border less 'electronic' youth population?

As we step forward in time, we are really stepping backwards in term of political and social responsibilities. Hope this will be the first resolution in 2008, hoping that freedom and liberty continue to be championed by everyone and be a vital reference point for all youths.

"He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past." ...1984; George Orwell

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Sudhakar said...

What does ghost particle mean.Below atoms right?! .We can also say GOD particles.Right ?!!Ok
Now to the post....
You did not say which is no 1?

Ghost Particle said...

[sudhakar] yes it means God Particle in popular culture, but ghost particle also refers to the Neutrino and Higgs Boson.

The No 1 country is US and UK but this is because of the shift in the political scenario after 9-11. I think the worst is US, UK, Malaysia, Russia, CHina, and maybe Singapore.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Lets face it Ghosty, we all have ridiculous regimes. Thats right regimes. They have their own agendas. They speak with forked tongues. One one side of theirs mouth they are telling us what we want to hear and out of the other they are writing down plans to find a new way to invade us.

The world is going to hell and most of people are too busy to notice. I feel sorry for us all.

Happy New Year Ghosty!


Cinderella. said...

I so so agree with Tara up there. Yes, Indeed we are living in pathetic regimes.
And are actually going back into the savage times.
Not far is the day, when we'd be eating outta each others flesh.

And Happy new year to you dear.Hope you had fun. And the countdown...lol !!! Was cute.
So very you !!!

Take care. Be happy.


Miladysa said...

Not just the 'youth' Ghost but the young at heart also!

I don't feel as though my privacy is invaded. I still feel free to speak my mind but worry for the generations who follow.

Let's ignore their report and live in our own dimensions ;]

Alok said...

1984 reminds me of one of the worst communal violences in Indian History

And as regards reports ... most are to be well ignored .. looking at their qualifications and the tools used ... no one should be bothered ... all is a big game and we all should know


Ghost Particle said...

[Tara] I feel the same too...it looks doomed because we want change but we cant change the world, because the evil has always the upper hands in many issues. All we can hope is am accommodating world.

[cindy] marauding beasts with no future to live for. I feel angry for the superpowers to be ignoring the stability of the world, they are the perpetrators in any case.

Thanx dear. Heh...countdown from home. Hugs, tc.

[Milady] :) i must stop distancing the youth and the experience persons. We are all one in one big planet and out problems are the same. I think what you said summarizes the issue best, lets live in our dimension and make it better.

[alok] true enough history is marred by the ugliness of men. I wonder if George Orwell was God when he wrote 1984.

Ghost Particle said...

[alok] may its time we create out own benchmarks...what say you?

Alok said...

yes true ... for benchmarks set by us will enable us to be a better judge of our own conscience and our own circumstances

Jeevan said...

should not cared about there survey report, they are not to decide how we live. even Malaysia is listed as lowest rank holder, we won't wonder if we are below that.


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