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This is truly wacky, but there was a time when I first found out what Halloween was...when I was like 10 or 11, I actually carved out a papaya and lit a candle in it and placed it on the gate. And the neighbors went...WTF! :D It was so funny, the only Indian kid putting up Halloween decorations....I did this for a few years. And yes, we don't get that giant orange pumpkins here...not the easy to carve types anyway.

If you were to dress up for Halloween, what would you want to be? What is the wackiest dress you can think of?


November 3rd will be the 50th anniversary of Laika's launch into space on Sputnik 2, the first living creature to be sent to space. Something I didn't know about the dog (follow link below). She is a martyr, a true hero. [+] Read the Story

[+] Laika Wiki

[+] List of Famous Dogs

Oh well...its just 6 am.

I don't get this seriously I don't get this rain. Was wondering what if it becomes permanent! It never stops God! All the roads turn into rivers, slowly life evolves. We develop flippers and join Keiko in the sea. Keiko is dead by the way. And soon, if I don't stop blabbering at 6 am because of insomnia, this blog will be dead too...And I feel like saying things like...No amount of cerebral wanking while eating a 24 bit eggplant can make the Internet caused re-evolution of the Biological Clock go away. Just cause I can say so. Hmphhhh!

Derek Redmond at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics

It's amazing where surfing can take you nowadays. Found this gem of a story from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics...still remember Derek Redmond's memorable race? Watch the tubes below.

Okay please tell me you felt something, tears...even a bit. That was only my second Olympics ever that I remember watching, though I absolutely forgot about this story. It's also listed as part of the ESPN 100 most memorable moments in the past 25 years.

The 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics was one of the best ever. Absolutely loved the breathtaking opening ceremony, I have to say, I haven't seen anything better than that, save for Australia 2000 and Greece 2004. Antonio Rebollo is a paralympic archer given the task to light the Olympic Flames by shooting an arrow over the cauldron.

[+] Derek Redmond Wiki
[+] ESPN moments.

Let it Linger

Watched Click for the first time a whole year after it was released. I don't know why I miss so many good movies, must stop reading reviews and must go out more! The movie featured the song Linger from the Cranberries and even had Dolores singing the song in the final chapters.

Suddenly a rush of memories from years gone by...well there was a time I would ring up the late night, very early morning radio shows and request for songs, and Linger is one of my favourites. Enjoy.

[#] Don't know how long the tube video will last, many of the vids are taken offline, and a lot of copyrighted ones like this have their Embed function disabled.

A380 History in the Making

The first commercial flight of the A380 was completed successfully by Singapore Airlines. A truly momentous day for the Aviation world. What made this more exciting is the wait, since it's conception to its first commercial flight, it took over 15 years for this baby to fly. And who better to fly it first than Singapore Airlines, one of the Worlds Best Airlines. The maiden flight's seats were auctioned off for charity. Check out the SA virtual cabin featuring the first suits in the sky.
I cant imagine what the first passengers would have felt, must have been a once in a lifetime experience. What more considering for many of us, this could be the last ever giant passenger airliner to be built in our lifetime. As unique as this is, the future is uncertain for the Airbus A380. I don't understand the dynamics of future transportation hubs, and how successful the A380 will be, but it sure is sweet to see someone kicking Boeing's butt once in a while. Discovery is rerunning t…

Centuries of Mystery Particles, 600th post

My 600th post...will be a running post.
...what fingers will flick the pages of destiny only to find history written until the day tomorrow, shall we now leave in a space plane for far away romances leaving behind this dream of tomorrow, I do have a story for today, maybe another for tomorrow, but in centuries what do you want me to tell, what stories matter if it's already been written...

A Silent mutiny, begins today from the bed.
The dreamer sleeps during the afternoon sun,
as he waits for a divine touch.
Interrupt not his voyage,
let him live,
his days.

the dreamer awakes from his century slumber
as the sun rises from the far horizon
cold tropical rain bathed the sinned city
landscapes emerge clean again
new souls breath fresh air
let the special ones walk now
let them change the world

the stairway leads to the library
in a hidden attic atop the forest castle
hidden even under the summer sky
filled with books never written by humans
immortal gods come here sometimes
to write their tra…

Gay Wizard is not Pride

Since I already had a rant and whine post before this, lets explore something more hardcore. By now probably half of the world knows that AlbusDumbledore is gay. Hey, if any news merits front page features, breaking news tickers in almost every news agency site, then this is important. So now comes the question, how would all those young impressionable kids accept this shattering news. For good or bad, does it even matter?

For one, Harry Potter is a new age phenomenon. When the literature world seems to have forgotten fantasy, the movie world spewing crap chick flicks, HP brought about a refreshing change to how a simple, not so complicated story can influence the kids to read. Now these are fast food, fast life kids. They read no book, they're obsessed with TV. But HP changed that all. Surely HP doesn't reach the genius of the golden age of fantasy stories and movies, but the new century is sorely missing good fantasy stories. And especially directed to the children and teens.

Monday and Rain

Monday started too late, or too early I'm not very sure. The crazy thing about being an insomniac and also working after midnight is that you loose sense of time...except that if moves forward damn fast. So I slept at 8 am, woke up at 12, had breakfast during lunch and now waiting for the rain to stop. And still have piles of work, deadline looming, have to go to the bank, have to buy lunch...which probably would be around evening, and dinner most probably be at midnight. Some stupid kid played firecrackers all weekend, the car alarm went off for like a billion times and yes, my blood pressure landed on the moon. It's been raining like forever now, and cloths take about 10 years to dry.

I'm currently infatuated with Mena Suvari (it was Camilla Belle before this) knowing very well I'm 28 and a loser. So this rain thing proves that Al Gore is right all along...that... Penguins are cute. Oh yes, I found out that this fcking btch girl, who has been acting nice all is actual…

World Champion

Kimi Raikkonen is 2007 F1 World Champion! Congratulations Kimi. All's well, Ends well, God Bless all, the seasons over. Next season awaits Lewis Hamilton. Sad Day, but Kimi won it fair and square.

It's been a long time coming for Kimi, he is good, he got a good team and a good car. He will enjoy this more than anyone. Great post match PC from Kimi: Q: Kimi, it is beginning to sink in now no doubt, your 15th win, perhaps you could reflect on your career a little bit, where you’ve come from in Finland, the struggle to get here and what it means to win the World Championship.
KR: I think it’s very difficult to put it into words, but for sure, it wasn’t the best place to start in racing. I came from pretty much nothing, but the family put in a lot of effort always, our friends, our cousins and all the sponsors in the beginning helped us to get here but it was a long time ago. I’ve had great people behind me, great managers to help me here and the teams that I’ve driven for have got…

Beyond Our Minds

There's so much to find beyond the barriers of the mind.
But why are we not looking for them?

Like at the end of the dream
when the child wakes up
to find everything in place
safely crawls out of bed
into our consciousness
the mind's eye is blinded
by the realities of the dead
what idealism is this
if we cant dream more
and forever
and what dream will it be
if we cant achieve it



Tempus, My Hard Disk died today.
Thanks for Everything Tempus... ;-(
[update] I did the recovery thing, I hate this the most because there is no sure way of getting the files in one piece. Even if you manage, then there wont be file names, it will be endless copies, you dig up something even older... And what's worst is that you dont know if the HDD is really maybe the guy is in coma or something. I tried everything, except freezing the drive and taking out the platter. There are 5 partitions in my HDD, and this one had to go. My favorite, my work partition, my buddy and my traveler. A post will come in the future, but I will continue to have that dead cold void feeling inside for a few days. :-(

4 am and nothing else to Do

Do What You Want

- Follow Your Dreams

Sandwich is not food

- Healthy eating is a myth

Waking up at 8 AM is a myth

- Waking up is a waste of good dreams

Fried Pork Smells Bad

- Don't Live In Apartments

Air beds give you back pain

- Exploding air bed gives you extreme pain

TV is no good

- I don't watch Desperate Housewives

Don't stare at ugly people

- All people are not ugly

Don't use the train during after work rush hours

- Sweat smell can make you faint

Don't use the train during work rush hours

- Bootleg perfume concoctions might kill you

Girls are a myth

- Rich girl with dead parents happens only in Movies

I am Legend

- No I'm not

KamalHassan as James Bond

- He'd be the best ever

Manchester United Sucks

- You'll Never Walk Alone

Never eat Rabbit meat

- Even if it's your last meal

I have cool orange colored shoes

- Screw Indran for buying me orange colored shoes

Deepavali is next month

- Another Drinking session in the horizon

Good Night

- Good Morning

Dying Planet

Yesterday was Blog Action Day. Today this Post.

These are photos of the Parit Falls in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. One prevalent thing you see whenever you travel to Malaysian holiday spots is...Rubbish. A classic case of third world mentality.

The Blog Action Day 2007 is about the Environment. And clearly we are beyond the point of no return. This post is just a small example how Asian countries mainly doesn't care much about the environment. The last bastions of worlds rain forest's and fauna, Asian forests are fast becoming dumping ground for rubbish and disappearing faster than before due to logging, farming and urbanization. Maybe it's time, through coordinated action that we highlight the seriously lacking environmental awareness just at our backyards so that the rest of us will take notice on what's going wrong. There is nowhere else for us to go.

Dont Live My Dreams.

Don't Live Our Dreams You Dumb Ass****. You Are Wasting Tax Payers Money. We Are Not Proud Of You. When Was The Last Time You Heard Anyone Putting The Nations Hope On A Tourist? Yes, You Are Just A Space Tourist. TOURIST! Every Single News Agency Out There Is Billing This Guy As A Space Tourist! You Have Humiliated Us. The World Is Laughing. Spinning a Top for Micro-gravity Experiment?! Then Why The Fuck Do Nations Spend Billions of Dollars On Experiments When They Can Just Spin A Damn 1 Dollar Top!!!

[#] Only Malaysians will understand this. For the Ones Who Understand What This Space Tourist Trip Is, our Blood Boils! --->
// On his meals, Dr Sheikh Mus-zaphar said the ISS was like a five-star hotel and the food was good. He said he felt that he looked “fat in space.” //

[#] Read all about the most expensive Bozo in Space.[Here!]

A Society as real as Yesterday

What makes us scared of immigrants flocking our cities today, when yesterday we read them in books and watched them in movies. No motivation other than to seek life, they are living a true border-less world, but we are deep inside united by 'made up' patriotism and xenophobia in chasing them away by our sharp stares and unblinking lips. Cold eyes says more words, but they are here for good. Did we expect something different? Why are we still being tourists in foreign lands when yesterday said tomorrow would be a just world. And you wished you could just walk over the border to a new country.

What's more worrying would be seeing them being together, held by their own idealism that our own broken society has no answer for. They don't mind for taxes, they use our public amenities that we paid for with our blood and sweat and yet we fail to find a solution. Our disunity will be our own grave, but do we break them apart? In giant metropolis's around the world, small town…

Does It Matter?

You gotta love this:

"I can't say I'm overwhelmed with surprise," Lessing said. "I'm 88 years old and they can't give the Nobel to someone who's dead, so I think they were probably thinking they'd probably better give it to me now before I've popped off."

[Read the Full Article]

[+] Dorris Lessing won the 2007 Nobel Prize for Literature...which now seems....worthless because a prize is no match for service to humanity (the very idea of the Nobel Prize).


O Great God
Gimme me a few more hours every day
its a jungle out there
when you're dealing with monkeys
I'm going nuts
in the season of the evening rains
thunder and lightning
girls in maroon skirts
on the metro
its a great tragedy
when there's no one to love you
you're going nowhere
O Great God
Gimme a few more Bones
in this great big world...

Spaced Out

Meltdown after the Holiday. Work piling up. Head going to explode. All the Money in the world is not worth it if you can't spend it. Time. Life. Good Food. What else? I want to go back to the Island. I want to Escape. Someone Help Me.