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Autobots Roll!

Do you know how it feels? It's like 15...20 years ago you would never have thought of seeing the guys actually there, alive on the big screen. It's more than a toy, a's culture. That's what comic books and cartoons are. And then when you see them transform...the silent tears, the awe, the crystal eyes starring back at you. They are here. Beautiful... [#] Updated.

[#] Next up is the review.

The Cranberries

I'm a huge fan of the Cranberries, I can loop their songs for hours and never get enough of it. One such song is Zombie. The vid is below from their concert in Paris. I bet it would have been a different world if anyone's been there at that time, just watch the atmosphere. Zombie is a revolution song as much as it is a technical masterpiece. A modern rock tune that justified the lyrics and send the message across.

Here's the lyrics:

Title: Cranberries - Zombie lyrics

Artist: Cranberries

Another head hangs lowly,
Child is slowly taken.
And the violence caused such silence,
Who are we mistaken?

But you see, it's not me, it's not my family.
In your head, in your head they are fighting,
With their tanks and their bombs,
And their bombs and their guns.
In your head, in your head, they are crying...

In your head, in your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie,
Hey, hey, hey. What's in your head,
In your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, oh, dou, dou, dou, dou, dou...

Another moth…

Almost a Tomorrow

Is there a GP essay? I read a comment for my post in another blog and an anon left such a comment. I'm branded! I should be worth a billion dollar by this week, virtual money that is. This is an economic future, people have perceptions, inceptions and inspirations. The last time I checked there are 25 million social networking sites. 250 billion members. From 35 planets, 10 Galaxies. This is 2085.

Ok so you decided to be a drama queen, but why force everyone to believe you. A million mineral water bottles are sold a day in Mars. That was not, I repeat, Not a puddle of water they found on Mars, it never was. Somebody found oil though, a full 30 years after all the car makers self annihilated. So now they're offering bitumen cosmetics to mine workers from Mercury to Pluto. By now every country on earth had at least 10 Miss Worlds and countless supermodels. They are gene splicing to make babies born with dimple cheeks and self renewing makeups. Indians are born with a pottu, alway…

Masala Weekend.

Masala weekend kicked of on Friday with loads of work, hence it became clear to me that translators and localizer have no life absolutely. But sometimes strangely enough, we dont have work on weekdays...


Sivaji opening day in Malaysia grossed MYR 560,000 breaking all local Tamil movie records. By Saturday it's playing in 53 theaters nationwide. And Sivaji went head to head with Fantastic Four 2 (Galactus dies :p) and Oceans 13. Naturally, Sivaji should have opened on Thursday night in all cinema's. But obviously Fantastic Four will bring in more moolah hence the 'stupidity' of the mainstream cinema owners in not screening Sivaji earlier would be justified. But the people had different ideas. Fights broke out from Penang to Klang and a theater was even burned. On you face I say, right on your face ye movie distributors, how could you hold back our Kapitan, the best thing to happen to us since baked beans! And I would also point out that AVM should have sent all t…


Had many reflection posts, many soul searching posts, and still am veraciously optimistic that the world will last through the hell of politics and socio-economic slavery. The world is bigger than any of us, the human will is bigger than anything. So here are a few stories to reflect.

[+] Indian slum girl 'makes good'. (Al Jazeera)

[+] Slaves to the goddess of fertility. (BBC News)

[+] Stories of Modern Slavery. (BBC News)

[+] 2015 Where will we be? (BBC World Service Trust)

[+] Your Views (Al Jazeera debates)

Maybe we are not really trying to change things, we are just happy to be in the revolution, to find it cool, we are no more successful than the hippies of the 60's and 70's. This time its different, its not enough to just highlight issues. But in this lies the conundrum, if just as many people reads the issue then the collective will is greater and the change would be too. Will we want just to be part of the pop culture or redefine our own culture to correct matt…

Blogger in Draft - Test Out

[#] Blogger introduced Blogger in Draft recently. It's basically new widgets, tools and blogger enhancements from the blogger labs. The first in draft stuff is Video Upload (max 100 meg of video upload per upload). Tried it and uploaded on of the classic travel vids from da ghost world. Complete with narration....and millions of birds.

[+] Blogger In Draft Blog (read this first)

[+] Experience Blogger in Draft - This link will take you to your Blogger Dashboard. Click 'New Post' and on the tool bar you will see the video post icon beside the post photo icon.

And The World Stops for Sivaji

[at least for the Tamil makkal]

Okay, first of all I'm not a big fan of RajniKanth. And the reason would be because I hate his fans. And here lies the dillema. The fans are 99% of all Tamil makkals. So it's like me going against the whole of the clan. But hey, I'm da ghost, so I'll do what I want. And I made it a point to tell my housemate (who is a brainless idiot who prays to Rajni) that I'm going to download and sell pirated copies of Sivaji on the day of its release. But hey, who am I kidding. One more day and the Rajni fever is slowly creeping up...yeh...its creepy. You have to be a Tamil movie fan to understand the force of the movies, even Yoda can't explain this one. Very strong, the force is, of movies. Its going to be a traumatic few weeks for me. I just hope they don't stick posters on me.

And hes bigger than the overrated Amitha Bachan (What do the northis see in him - oh, btw...since Rajni is chums with Big B, there might be a Amitha Bachan speci…

2007 Human Trafficking Blacklist

What a way to celebrate Malaysia's 50th Independence anniversary. The US of A just added us into its Human Trafficking blacklist. Must be a proud day for all Malaysians.

Here is an excerpt from Yahoo News:
"But Malaysia made its first appearance on "Tier 3" for its failure to protect and identify victims of trafficking, many of them Indonesian domestics. "The Malaysian government needs to demonstrate stronger political will to tackle Malaysia's significant forced labor and sex trafficking problems," the report said."[Full Report]
I want to see how the spin doctors spin this one. Everyone knows its true, and then everyone just wont do anything about it. Talking about forced labor, you could only guess who could be brave enough to do that, well that happens today, in the 21st century where anything can happen. And Indians are the victims again, in estates and elsewhere.

[#] Hate to post stuff like this, but we must not be ignorant.

Memories Remain. Post 500. we returned to innocence. The universe and beyond in the shadows of a leaf, at mercy of the tides, in forced variations of colors and evolution unjustified. I am (still) Ghost Particle. Time Traveler, Destiny Unfulfilled. Scriptures of Life

Of Life

Along the trails of time,
Among flesh and blood,
Appear divine sparks of life,
And new souls unfold

Of Living

You and I in the cold,
Impatient through the years,
All along the world muted,
There we were spotting stars

Of Love

Sometimes in the evening,
During those warm years,
We crossed path dreaming,
Unknowingly finding tears

Of Death

Walking along paths and valleys,
Clinging anxiously to destiny,
One part of soul willingly flies,
To the courtroom of Gods for eternity

[#] This is my 500th post. I cant think of what to write, or probably not finding the time to write something thoughtful. Going through a complex period of my life right now, decisions to make, many of them. Probably would change many things permanently. The craziest thing of this al…


Sringāram of love
Karunam of kindness
Adbhutam of marvelVīram of heroicsRaudram of anger
Hāsyam of comicBhayānakam of terror
Bībhatsam of odious
Shāntam of tranquility

[#] Post 499. And the universe is still immensely amazing.

Unity in Music

After nearly 40 years of enchanting music that united the people of various races, voices and ideologies...
R.I.P Loga, may music continue to serenade you wherever you are and may your music last forever...
Read More
[+] TheStar
[+] Alleycats
[+] Lyrics (in Malay)
[+] Some Vids (search AlleyCats or Allecycat in Youtube)

[-] No blogging for a few days, a tribute, from a fan.

Border to Border

Only mountains breathe life into me, only mountains give me life.

Penggembala Cahaya/ Light Herder

Penggembala Cahaya

jauh di penghujung belantara
seorang penggembala cahaya tua
berdepan sekeping cermin kaca
sambil merasa usapan angin nusantara
bertiup tak henti berabad lama

merenung dia bertanya
semusim berlalu detikan masa
tidak pernah rehat dari berjasa
hidupnya terbentang juga serupa
terlerai bagai cebisan cahaya

hilangnya pedoman juang kerana
zaman menelan mantera Samarasa
fikiran berombak berkecai kata
tak dapat dia melihat dataran serata
musim dan pohon mati kehilangan masa

penggembala cahaya
menerangi zaman dan puing masa
mantera hidupnya menenun dewangga
merambat mata fikiran anak muda
tiba waktunya dia berpisah jua, tapi

penggembala cahaya
semangat mu hidup sentiasa


(and a very loose translation)

Light Herder

at the end of the forest
an old Light herder
faces a glass mirror
while feeling the Nusantara winds
blowing non stop for centuries

staring he asks
a season of time passes
he never stopped shinning
his life opens unending, similarly
it disintegrates like light particles

he loses his fighting sp…

The Greatest Days

We humans don't have the privilege to correct time, we only know the means to spend it.

So spend it with your greatest efforts, utmost passion and undying spirit.

Have the best days of your lives.