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At The Barber Shop

If there's one thing bugging me all this years, it has to be the trip to the barber shop. Apart from never getting the right cut I want and the monumental impossibility of finding a permanent barber shop, I hate the huge mirrors there. But the worst of all is my facial expression while cutting hair. I mean, most probably I've showed the shocked expression while being a kid, but till now, I can't be able to figure the perfect expression while cutting hair. And along the process probably scared of a few barbers as well. Its either I try to fake sleeping which is not very convincing, or I smile all the way (which is not good either if they want to think I'm a nut).

Ze question iz, what is your facial expression while cutting hair?


...history is mooning us bro, it is bloody showing its ass to us...

WTF! Dude, chill...everything will end soon, then a new beginning.

Then he jumped. Just like that, 50 meters, slammed flat like an egg on the concrete floor. My wails of panic, of sudden fear and sweat percolates into the dry cold night air. What brought him to this, like a million images in my mind, the ones of weird perversion that I get during the migraine days. A few moments went past when I thought of going down, but my legs wont move. I just sat there, starring at his limp body, its limbs in beautiful butterfly motion, almost timeless in the moonlit floor, the blood streams like time lines connecting him to his actions from the past to the future. Damn! Its like on of the paintings in the galleries, abstract communicando to the world, telling the painters deepest anger to the pretenders holding champagne glasses and chatting psychological domination over the have nots.

Then the rain. Nature cleaning up its babies, …

What The!

Signs on time? Bloody Horny Bear!!!

Maybe Finally I can hit the jackpot with this, either A&W send me a lifetime supply of food or they're gonna pull all d bears out! Don't say I didn't warn you, take care of you kids! Mascots Sucks!!!

Glimpses of Time

I walked into the library today, and among the aisles of books, both young and old, I heard chatters of characters and legends. Funny, maybe it's a personal liking, but if there is one (among few) places that I feel alive, it would be the library. My face twisting to fill every crevice and lines and tangents where the titles flow, my brain capturing the invisible fog of stories and poetry, the fingers running through time eaten pages, where voices of the dead speak. They were alive to watch history unfold, to preserve the linearity of time and yet to embark on a cultural explosion so that we can tell from one another, the passionate ethos of humans to seek out and painfully cut off the urges to look in. They tell the stories of why battles with destiny are won only if we can destroy pagan symbolisms and fake sages whom have lived over their time. And why colors look better on flowers rather than lustful silk wrapped on mere mortals who are due for a reset. Death and life, joy and …


Of humans who 'kill-down' those who kiss, and the same humans who make babies like rabbits. Namo Amitabha Richard Gere Sarr.

Knocking on Heavens Door

Maybe its not the time to ask why anymore. Maybe its time we change things but we've been saying this for ages. What happened to the gun control laws? Who makes the guns? More questions, but the answers dont matter. But what matters is, this could happen anywhere, anytime to anyone. Pray to God, pray hard.
May the souls departed too early to love and live, rest in peace. We are here, your brothers and sisters, we are here to make things right. God Bless.Tonight there will be 32 more stars in the sky. Look out for them.

Knut The Polar Bear

Ok! Thats It! I wanna stop blogging. I want a Polar Bear! The dude's cute, oh man! (This must be the feminine side of me...hemmm....). Apparently the dude is not feeling very good. I can see the future...Knut and Ghost, the famous traveling eco-warriors, getting rid of the scums of earth! While Blogging! Knut and Ghost, the biggest sensation since baked beans and blueberry cake! Knut and Ghost, the blogging wonder dudes! Knut and Ghost on the moon! Knut and Ghost the TV series...

[+] More on Knut[Spiegel]

A Love Story

take days and put them in winter
flowers blooming amid landscapes white
a beautiful day emerges
articulated from virgin memories
along baroque river terraces

Indian red tapestries on facades
fluttering shy in the morning sun
emerging from their sensuous sleep
children masquerading musical notes
sweet music retracing backyard marriages

falling snow melting in air
as shallow fog cover the land
amid the whiteness lights yellow bulbs
like unspoken eyes of angels
but their beauty never lost in stories

let this be the day, the day
we came out to dance and be merry
remembering the rolling hills
where we swept into the air flying
this is our love story, in the snow

-gp2007-[+] Hemmm...why do sometimes I hate my own poems? This multiple personality disorder is killing me!

The Colors of Life

As you can see, the cool super duper header up there is made by yours truly. But the photo's are not mine, it is shamelessly snitched from the National Geograhics Photo site, the copyrights are all reserved to the photographers. Will keep the images until someone threatens to sue me :D

Sincere Flattery: Photography is everything to me, the world should be felt and touched by colors and the people plays an important role in defining colors of life. So dear photographers whom I put up your photos up here, please consider them as a great homage to your skills and aspirations in being able to see the world much finer than anyone else. With life. Thank you. (which roughly translates as "Please Dont Sue Me")
The Colors of Life: The new Human Universe journey takes us to enjoy the colors of our culture, life and the environment. This is the 5oth anniversary (31st August 1957) of Malaysia's (India's 60th anniversary (15th August 1947)) Independence from the British. To com…

The Amazing Race: Malaysian Pit Stop

Watched the last 15 minutes of the Malaysian Leg of the race, been waiting for ages for this. There (is) one part of the challange where the contestants would climb the stairs up Batu Caves. And sadly though this is the leg where Uchenna and Joyce (winners of the Amazing Race 7) are eliminated apparently because of delayed fligh.

[Spoilers] The current Amazing Race all star edition will be won (hah!) by Charla and Mirna. This is also the last edition to be hosted by Phil Keogan [Spoilers]


why in the obituary pages
appear faces so familiar
like distant cousins searching
struggling with life failing
falling and decked in garlands
the memories eerily close


What The!

Eating off a messy table cuts food intake - study
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Clearing the table as you eat can be bad news for people watching their weight, according to a U.S. study.

Researchers at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, found that people watching the Super Bowl, the American football championship game, ate 27 percent less if they were faced with the evidence of what they had already eaten. [The rest of the story][+] What The! will be a regular column on weigh loss ideas, weird new happenings and such from around the world.

Blogging from Work

So so so much drama in this world...when can you tell someone that no one cares a damn of what 'it' did on a rainy day if it's at most is only b*tching 'bout some artist?

The worst experiences in life comes when you wake up in the morning and switch on the telly to see a Chinese girl dancing to a Tamil song and exclaiming its a bollywood song and dance. Right at that moment you feel like b*tch slapping someone, then you realize it's only you there and then you walk up to the mirror and...

Yesterday I wanted to commit suicide. Then upon realizing it's because I'm fat and dont have a girl friend and if I jump I would probably end up in the swimming pool at 3 am, I went back to sleep. (The time reference here doesn't matter).

All this blogging is really going down the drain, the comments are at an all time low and then I realize I was right after all. Blogs don't live forever, the experience or even the fad doesn't stay on. There must be a solution to…

Days without Days

Destiny, Here we come!
You know something, you'll keep wondering why no one believes you and why no one gives you space to be what you want to be. Nothing can be made sure, nothing will work all the time. The world is not about the haves and have-nots, there is also death. Parents wont understand, friends wont give a damn. This is not a self pity journey, its about the ability of you to understand whether everything that I do is reasonable or not. Most of the time you wont, because I am right. The world don't turn for somebody with money, credit cards cant buy gravity. The insanity of this world lies in the fact that everything can be price tagged. The simple pleasures in life does not lie in abstract notations on a shopping mall wall. The world encompasses our life, hence life runs parallel to the forces of the world. Space, the future, causality, all this a linear productions of life. We wake up to a new day, same or not to the day before is another matter, the perspective of…

Sanjay Marlakar and The Origami Heard

What is with humans with all their likings and parallel parking that causes the world to turn around?

Humanity are creatures of habit, that is they love their habitat :p So when the time came to heard the cows and goats into domesticated beings, they started to move around, got out of their minimalistic cave's and ventured in gated community suburbs where they flourished. Of course some, after the fall of the 60's mega psychedelic revolution, started smoking regular tobacco compared to Marleyan first class grass. When the brain got tired of working, they launched themselves in heards, at that time to save the world. Pity is a short word, but pity them indeed because the world was not saved, the rich got fatter and the cartels control the world today. You vote for the wrong guy, and he decides to buy airplanes and sail boats for his children with education money, and behold, we are not going to Elysium but early graves on sun burned days.

The world is not all that bad, people did…


He once said
God does not play dice.But some cooks out there thought he asked us to stop science before it reads the mind of God. Or worst, as I found out recently, the 'unbelievers' think by deciphering the structures of the universe, God will be replaced by science. For the last damn time, God is something between you and your soul. Science is fact. No God, world lives on, no science, no progress, people die. See, its that easy, stop being foolish. Believe anything you want, but believe in your self and the path forward more. That's all.

Blogging From Work

Came in late (11 am), (3 am: early morning soccer game, Liverpool won. Wohooo!) Work sucks, sleepy, heavy breakfast, more sleepy. Lunch, its Waffle Wednesday. Cold waffle sucks, feels like wet pillow, tastes like soggy Thosai. Hate to see all the posers and pretenders around me. Lunch time at the clients office is like open day at the cattle ranch. Or more like a Turkish bazaar, everywhere women parading wearing stones and golds...or wait, maybe its like the Carnival! The men, well, we just dont matter, blending in nicely with the crowd outside the lingerie store. Who killed the mannequin? Wonder Bra! do people still wear them? 3.30 pm, now, figuring ways to speed up time. Eating soggy Waffle. Thought work will finish this week, but chances are slim. Pity no fit girls around. Future, 6pm, home free home. Sleep, TV, books...

Black Magic Land

Fake histories
scatter the land
from demure maidens
to fire breathing dragons
that shall not fall under any knight

my black magic world
where the soil turns grey
and green in summers of curse
and left fighting armies wandering
aimless in the million year forests
searching for a way back to their mind

idols and temples savour
the bounty of a godless land
where we build treasures and culture
beautiful women along crystal seas
where our land seems never ending to the setting sun
all seems forever, never ending,
like the dreams of the dead

marching soldiers
falling one by one
to the evils of the war
and gods of the forest
where dwells the sons
dark and strong protected by
the trees where they disappear
waiting, lurking for the enemies
to devour them in a single strike
like demon tigers of forgotten souls

black magic land
rose so fast to the future
blinding like a lightning monsoon
flooding the minds of the princess
from ages past and present
where the rule of religion
slowly corrupts the mind of children
and men of all fac…

Darkness Star/ Summer Days

the door opens
silent shadows slither in
claws, eyes, long hair all dark
terrifying cast on the walls growing
dawn not in sight, dews masquerading

trolls and fairies
angels from songs yonder
harlequin eyes of midnight stars
bright, sparkling like diamonds on fire
moments, the lone spectre scribbles in the sky

wind stroked sands
dunes of shattered passions
jewel wearing ladies in forever summers
Sirius, rising slowly at the ends of emerald estates
framing the ends of the world to the confines of the heart

the grand days
reds, pinks and purples of fuchsia showers
yesterdays of nightmare forgotten little by little
beautiful still nights remain in memories petrified
how a touch from young hearts can blossom such reverie

forever, silence, touch, love



April Fools

There was a time when after knowing what April Fools Day is all about, we would try the best not to be fooled. Nowadays, people just wait online to see what Google has to offer. Even if its smartly stupid. But hey, welcome to the New Age.

Gmail Paper

But Google fooled the April out of me, for a full 30 minutes, it was exciting damn! Imagine, and I'm not talking about the email printed, I can print it, but actually getting free Google Box sent. Even the post dude would be wondering. Gmail Paper is made out of 96% post-consumer organic soybean sputum! Bah!

Also read: Google TiSP, TiSP Works, TiSP FAQ, TiSP Group, NotFound

I dont know, all this seems surreal, are we really heading to the future?

April Fools Day?

Okay, stupidity knows no bounds. At the height of stupidity, you have people wishing Happy April Fools Day. U r not supposed to do that, but what gives, yesterday on Astro's Sun Tv Chat, there were some num nut sses wishing everyone Happy April Fools day! And even t…