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Zodiac is a brilliant movie, worth the over 2 hours running time. It's another classic by David Fincher. While lacking the intensity of his Se7en, this film is spotless because the actors are masters of this movie. The Zodiac murders are still unsolved, well you'll know why if you watch the movie, but I bet if it happened in today CSI-esque world, the murderer would have been caught.

It seems Fincher will be directing Rendezvous with Rama, my favorite SF from Arthur C Clarke. There was a time I thought this story is simply unfilmable, it is too vast, the whole series spanned 4 books and had themes so big that sometimes you wonder if today's SF's are just piles of pop-corn crap. We'll wait and watch for the 2009 release.

[#] Next in line is Snatch, All The Presidents Men and Tekkon Kinkreet (anime). And yeh, work...on a weekend. Sigh...


Jeevan said…
Informative post bro!
QUASAR9 said…
So quite the movie buff ...

Miami Vice made it look like every other person in Miami was a rich cocaine dealer

CSI makes it look like every murder can be resolved in 45 minutes

Seven and the Zodiac murders, let us know that murder is not that easy to resolve, even when the murderer gives you lots of 'clues' and wants to get caught.
QUASAR9 said…
I wonder how many murders go unreported and the muderer never caught somewhere like India, China or even Russia ... where one can disappear to the other side of the subcontinent - and the police trail quickly goes cold beyond the local village limits
Ghost Particle said…
[jeevan] true nanba.

[Q9]so very true, how stereotypes are the movies nowadays. Fincher made good of many stories, sometimes we just wish it doesnt get solved at all, let it linger.

I agree of the cold murders, in many countries bribery, mishandling of evidence will destroy even a solid built case. I have read many news stories that when the prosecution failed to produce evidence many of the cases are thrown out. And DNA has become a sort of golden lifeline for murderers and rapist.

It is not that technology is not reaching out, the powers that hold the key to the room where they are kept, determine the fate of the people.
Mandeep Gill said…
i need to watch tv.
Katie McKenna said…
Wow..I'll have to remember these movies! Thanks!
Tinesh said…
Gotta watch Zodiac then..Btw we DEVILS don't mind walking alone lol..The poster's my bro's..Ima born Devil la..Sorry to disappoint you hehe..Btw thanks for dropping by
Alok said…
I agree with Mandeep .. It holds for me too ... I have to dump my laptop and start seeing TV .... (as it is it has been quiet a while that I have sat infront of it :))

Cinderella. said…
Wow...I gotta catch that movie then.
And Robert Downey Jr. and Jake.G look like a fantastic combo !!
Will tell ya...

And btw, how are you, Mr. Impeccable Philosopher ?
Ghost Particle said…
[mandeep] :) do watch then...many good shows...but dont watch the news!

[katie] you do you do...:P thanx katie.

[tinesh] we are mortal enemies...groarrr...thanx for coming buddy. Watch the movie, ull like it.

[alok] true...sometimes internet just gets too campy...addictive but empty just like empty calories...:P

[cindy] Downey is one of the greatest and most underrated actors...sigh...they all worship al pacino, and deniro and they forgot they have someone on par. Watch it Cindy.

Im fine Miss Poet, romantic. :p

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