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Tropics of the Legends

Having to endure the worst possible start of the week (Liverpool lost to MU), and finally realizing that the unpublished photos are clogging my dying hard drives, and successfully breaking the shackles of procrastination, I present to you a photo journey into an island getaway...full of women, booze, greens, mountains, animals, crustaceans, half nekkid ghosts and beaches (some items are for dramatic purposes only and might not appear in the pictures).

Langkawi...tropics of Legends.

Langkawi Geopark (52nd UNESCO Geopark in the world) is made up of 99 beautiful Islands, scattered in the Andaman Sea bordering Thailand to the North and situated on the coast of the State of Kedah, Malaysia.

Langkawi is an island of Legends, many ancient tales from Indian history and the region have references to the Island. But the local legends are the one that catches the imagination most. The biggest town of the Island is called Kuah; the center of business, hotels, and where the Jetty is. Padang Matsirat is where you can find the Mahsuri mausoleum and also the International Airport. The Legend of Mahsuri is the most famous, probably what reflects prominently among all the other local legends.

So lets go on an offbeat, (not to be considered as an accurate travel guide) guide to the Island of Langkawi! Click on the pictures for a bigger version of it.

Getting there
There are a few ways to get to Langkawi, if you want a hassle free travel, just take the plane from any major Malaysian airports. If you want cheaper yet tiring travel, just hop on the ferry at the Kuala Perlis or Kuala Kedah jetties. Two way trip is ~ Rm 36 (USD 10). Again, to reach either the jetties, you have to take a bus from any major bus stations in peninsular Malaysia.

That's me, trying my best not to vomit...managed to fall asleep for the 45 minutes journey. The seas can get very choppy most of the time, so if you have a weak tummy...or motion sickness, please be prepared. (Just take the plane).

This is what the standard ferry looks like. Seriously needs pimping up, the insides are similar to a town bus, they should get a decent catamaran.
Touchdown! Wilkomen to Langkawi! This is the Kuah Jetty, Langkawi. Here is where you rent a car, buy your return tickets, meet local people, and load up on some Frapuccinos at the Langkawi Jetty Starbucks. Left to right, or right to left...(damn I Dont know how to do this): Indran, VJ and Kumar)

The beautiful marina at the jetty. I always wonder how do you simply sail the you need a visa when you cross each national coastline?

Getting around the Island is easy...either rent a bike, car or van Or get a tour guide and get ripped of hundreds of bucks if you are a tourist. Hey :D welcome to the capitalism. If you're a local dude whose been there, renting and bargaining for a car is easy...rates go from RM 50 to RM 120 (USD 20 to 40) per day. Most of the times you'll be ripped of, you'll get the worst car in the island. But if you can talk, and talk and 'threaten' well, hey you might just land a super car like this Cefiro we got. My suggestion is, if you're there for a booze holiday, travel in style baby! Next time we're getting a Beemer. After renting your vehicle, go rent a hotel. If you're a backpacker, there are freaking cheap hotels all around the island. Best place to get a Motel or a Hotel is the Cenang beach. Roads are easy, just follow the signboard :p. (booze part explained later).

Fog Story
How you spend your time for the next few days is all up to you. The best if you're on your nth trip there, is to booze and sleep. But hey, be adventurous a bit and go around the Island. First we headed to the Langkawi Cable car. This is the worlds longest single cable, cable car ride if I'm not mistaken. It's about ~2.2 Km long and it will scare you to death. Ok...maybe not, but hey I'm afraid of heights. Above is a collage of the place, the car seat's 4 and seats are to sit, so don't stand and do any stunts...seriously. If the wind is strong...heheheh...enjoy the waltz of the cable cars 600 meters above ground. (If you're a Malaysian citizen, bring along your ID card to get the special ticket price.)

The view is spectacular, along the ride you can see the Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells) waterfall. Have to warn traveler that this is a dangerous waterfall, its beauty can kill if you are not careful on the slippery edges. There is another route to get to the falls if you are not into hiking, get a good map and you can find the road.

And after a mile's ride, nearing the first station of 3 hill stops for the cable car, you can see some of the islands around Langkawi. This is a view looking in towards the island.

It turned out to be a very foggy day, couldn't see much of the great surroundings from the top of the hill.

This unique rock formation is nearly 500 million years old. This geopark is essentially ancient rock formations, from the main islands, to the small islands around there.

View of the first station from the top. The ride down is amazing, there's fog everywhere and all you could see are the tiny cables of the car line.

The many flora and you call an insect, a fauna also? Oh well, the many natural stuff you find on the island.

Another view of the mountain. On a clear day, you can see the Andaman sea, the clear blue water that once was the best kept secret beaches of the world.

Indran and the traveling Circus.

What's a trip without celebrity sightings. We saw Reshmonu during a video clip shoot. He is a very talented singer, songwriter from Malaysia. Pity them coz, as the title is a foggy day...very foggy day. Kumar helped him collect some money for his hair reconstruction fund drive. (And yes, I dont listen much to local English dont know much else...just visit his site for more info).
The travelers on the top of the world. It felt like more than 710 meters...

I dont know if he's faking it or...
Indran is my cousin...hate him a lot, seriously hate him. But he's funny, so as the legend goes, you do need a funny man on any trip. Hence he gets to tag along :p

Yeh, shot gone wrong...didn't know why I asked him to do this. This is at the Tanjung Rhu beach...during low tide, people can walk to the many islands along the beach. This is also where you can find many eagle feeding, island hopping tours. Its overpriced and it sucks. But if you just need to feed an eagle or a fish or a can enquire to the agents there. Just dont get ripped off.

Ballantines Ballad

So what is the best kept secret of Langkawi that the tourists might not know? It's a duty free Island...and that means only one thing!!! CHEAP BOOZE! wohooo...
I Like To Move It Move It
I Like To Move It Move It
I Like To Move It Move It
Ya Like To (MOVE IT!)

Unless you're a serious drunkard, get some food to go along with all the liquor and beer. KFC is an easy good combination, but the beer will make the chicken taste very salty. After midnight food is slightly hard to find...mainly coz you can walk straight to get to the restaurants. There is a 24 hours restaurant along the Pantai Cenang road.

After a while the fairies do really come out...

Light up a bon fire...if you manage to gather some wood...coz there are mosquito's!

And when you are drunk, you'll discover baby universes everywhere...and black holes...and nebula's...(just hope you can find your bed.) Strangely...well not very...holidays for guys are booze and girls...and for that Go To Thailand...heard its much easier there. No further explanation for this :P

Crab Hole
Similar to spider holes, crab holes is where the crabs sleep after they booze away the night...

And like all responsible nature loving human's, when you see a natural tingy in their peaceful environment all one with grab and torture it! This one actually bit Kumar...heh...

You may ask why do they (the crabs) do this on the beaches all night...the tiny sand balls are in perfect spiral or circular patterns... All you know they are drunk or sending signals to space...(just too lazy to Google this...)

Due to some challenges with weight, mass, body shape distributions, this is all you can see of the perfect half nekkid Ghost beach party...

The End....

This is me...the Ghost...just to prove that I am indeed a Ghost Particle from the edges of the Universe I emanate divine light from my head...and I brush my teeth 3 times a day. Yeh...and I'm still single. Wink Wink. The holidays are fun, managed to sneak in a few very short ones this year with the Chumma Travel gang...but now I'm thinking I seriously need to get my ass out of this country and find a proper holidaying destination!

[#] Disclaimer: This holiday was 3 months ago...places, and stuff might have changed over time. Follow the websites below for the best guide to the Island.
[#] Langkawi is a cheap tourist destination compared to Bali. While Bali is 1000% cooler than Langkawi (VJ...this is a hint), you can find much peace and quite and cheap booze here than anywhere else. There are a few night clubs on the Island but nothing compared to the legendary Bali clubs. Again, this is a place to relax, and if you want clear blue water beaches then the beaches along the road to Andaman and Datai resorts is your definite choice. Being a tropical Island, you will face the extremities of the climate, but nothing to spoil your trip because there is just so much to do like staying in your room and getting drunk.
[#] Photos a manipulated using Paint.Net and Picasa.

[+] The Legends of Langkawi; [Mahsuri - wiki], [ Decendents of the White Blood Lady], [BestOfLangkawi-Mahsuri]
[+] The best Guide you can find on Langkawi on the web [Langkawi Wiki Travel]
[+] Others; [Langkawi Geopark - guide to famous places], [ The Best of Langkawi - a complete site to the attractions].

[#] Travelers: Ghost, VJ, Indran and Kumar


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