Friday, December 21

TED | Talks - Lakshmi Pratury

Wacth this fascinating video of Lakshmi's TED talk, the lost art of letter writing.

I've read a few books of letters compilation from V.S. Naipul and Richard Feynman. There's so much emotion, power and innocence you can find in letters compared to emails or texting. Something deeper and soulful goes into the letters, be it a love letter, a sad tale, a story worth reminding or telling, letters are indeed a cultural and human art form.

[#] From Lakshmi's interview "Q: What should a multicultural woman do to grow as a leader? A: I have always felt being a woman is an asset, being brown is an asset, having an accent is an asset. The thing that is most intrinsic to multicultural women is that they have great cultural sensitivities. Be comfortable with who you are and understand that you have an edge." Lakshmi Pratury interviewed on

What say you, shall we write letters?

[#]Further info on Lakshmi
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Miladysa said...

Letters hold a special kind of magic.

Keshi said...

i love hand-written letters.

Hey Ghosty hv a great holiday season! Im off for this see ya in 2008! :)

TC n be happy,

Alok said...

It was an inspirational video Siva .. thank u for sharing this ... letter writing is indeed a dying art .. forget email and text msging .. the convenience of telephone has overtaken this art ....

I remember when I was growing up I used to write letters to my nani (granny) every alternate days filling it with the mundanes and awaited expectantly for her replies .... and the joy that used to fill the eyes when I used to receive her later .... then over the years letters gave way to telephone calls and now that she is no more and I feel the vaccum that she has left I realise that she has also left behind a legacy of art, understanding and compassion that I can still breathe through her letters ... thanks for this ...


QUASAR9 said...

Hi Ghost Particle
Best Seasons Greetings to you and your close ones.
Any excuse will always do for a big fest and a bit of merry making.

mandelism said...

when i was small i really love it whenever the postman stops by the house to drop us letters!
hand written letters are a great way to bring back the quality in language if u ask me..coz nowadays, with SMS and keyboard shortcuts, we tend to forget the real spelling of certain word...or at least i do :p

but I can't recall writing any letters at all! Damn..

anyway, Merry Christmas brother!

gautami tripathy said...

Wishing you laughter,love, joy and much peace for Christmas and coming New Year!

Much power to your pen too!

Cinderella. said...

I have always been an avid letter-person. i love writing little sweet nothings to people i love and care, knowign it will bring a smile on their faces and warmth in their hearts.
No one writes anymore, www has eaten up all our efforts and enthu for those things.
Thats sad.
Rem'ber my post/poem on the same topic, I'd written about an year back...??
Thats exactly how I feel.
Though I was expecting the video to go on generalistic lines, which i think would have made a better connection than having her talk about her father, son and herself all the while...
But she did rase a topic, and we're discussing it now.
So all's cool..

Ghost Particle said...

[milady] they sure do. something of yearning for it, and some joy in reading it.

[keshi] me write me one and i write on back to you. :p

[alok] thx bro. my grandpa had for ages been writing letters to his relatives and family in India and we didnt know until he passed away that hes been writing them. found only a few, dont know where the rest of them are. My uncle wrote letters to my cousin when he was awak in UK, in Tamil, i think its more nostalgic that way. Imagine a daily routine turning into art and museum piece. something to restart i hope.

[Q9] thanx Q9, what a year it has been...have a great time sir.

[mandelism] bro, i still wait for the postman everytime i go back home...for my i love writing letters, but what to do nowadays there are no one to write to. its a good way to safeguard our language. merryxmas bro. have a good one.

[gautami] thx my dear sis. wish you a great year too!

[cinderella] i still remember that post. life is a generation of memories, and letters are one of those seeds of memory. i agree that she has a very short vid, she is a motivator i think, she goes around having workshops. one day all this will come back...letters, etc.

Cinderella. said...

I sure hope they do...


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