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T minus...oh who cares!

Channel surfing...and it gets worst by the year. Every countdown is so damn clichéd...the worst one is on MTV...ugly VJ's...stupid programming (no one since Donita....the only one the one and only...Donitaaa...where art thou?)....and Channel V Beautiful VJ's...stupid programming...did they miss the whole damn thing? Or waz it banned in this good ol country?....oh wait no it didnt! David La Chappelle's 'Rize'?!!! Fuh that reads cool...gonna watch that. Tokyo Godfathers on anime for the soul! And passed through the lamest food channel documentary...nothing exciting on EZPN and STarZSports...nothing since Swine Goran Assricson parked a routemaster in his Dbox. Feel like wishing capitan wonder Gerrard a Happy New year...but hate him for missing all that shots...fudge. A horrendously bad (worst than the bad ass cloverfield monster) program just started in Astro Vaanavil...oh my god its that b**** host girl....goddammit Vanavill...u guys did it again...dont you no learn dat our Indian youths make the worst live audience in the world...bah!
I so wanna be out of dis country today...maybe in
(closin eyes and clicking da heels of dat orange sneakers...) porn! Mental porn...I need my Southern COmfie....

[+] Rize


Alok said…
ha ha ha ... u r good Siva :)

Ghost Particle said…
[milady] hehe semi drunk blogger iz me. :p

[alok] heh thanx bro. :p

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