Wednesday, December 19

Strange Days

5:36 PM me: the weirdest thing happened
5:56 PM Vijay: what
damn long meeting
im sapped
me: i was sleeping right
then i woke up
i heard all this Buddhist chanting
and the gong beating all la
i tot i was dead
Vijay: damn!
really chanting ah
me: i was happy for heavens sake i was happy
5:57 PM i looked around
then i took my cellphone
there were no battery and i tot it was real
5:58 PM Vijay: so u were dreaming or awake?
me: i woke up and walked to the window ...then i saw some idiot watching tv at the shop below
what a waste dude
ceh ceh
Vijay: oh heheheh
5:59 PM me: but it was so surreal man
i was like floating and all
the chanting was strong u c
Vijay: obe
me: obe?
6:00 PM Vijay: out of body experince
me: yeh like always
but for a moment i thought all my thesis problem was gone

[#] I wish...heh. This lucid dreams are driving me nuts...but i love them!


Miladysa said...


There's nothing like a bit of lucid ;]

homo escapeons said...

Take a trip and never leave the farm.
Astral Projections are an awesome way to escape meetings.
I thought that I was dead..

Keshi said...

**out of body experince

I was going thru that the whole of Mon n Tue!


Alok said...

and u didnt forget to record the time .. didnt u ... as smart as u r ....

and specially the la thing ... so much a part of Malaysian and Singaporean lingo ... I add a la on and off these days (when in Rome do as Roman do :))

I have smiles written all over my face while I write this comment :)


Jeevan said...

Just give it a sound day bro :)


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny