Wednesday, December 5

Reggae Got Soul

A blast from the past. All the way from 1976...Reggae Got Soul by Toots & The Maytals!

[+] Reggae Got Soul lyrics.
[+] Listen to the Surf's Up! ani-movie version of the song.

[#] No time, busy with everything! Wishing everyone a happy rest of the week!


Keshi said...

good ol reggae! I love it.

UB40 wud be the best reggae band..wut say?


Alok said...

indeed blast frm past ... I loved it too (Its the same feeling as Keshi ... cant come up with something new :))

thanx for reminding


Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] ub40 is simply divine...i love all reggae...but there are lots of imposter's now...

[alok] thx bro...its original music...nice...


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