Wednesday, December 26

Obsessions of the Maroon Star

Stars so bright.

In a million day(s) or two I will be there, my love.

Strings of matter, or maybe the powers of the universe. Climatic, epic scenes everywhere in every galaxy I passed. Spending seasons on the beaches of long dead civilizations I too try to sleep a bonfire on the ancient shores with glass waves. It is never the same. I am human, I have left earth on a journey never to end.

Ghost, is that you...why are you here?

I...I came looking for you. I need you.

But you are immortal now, you don't need me. You can explore the multi-verses and seek new life.

Tears. No I don't want to...

As the apparition dissolved into the morning fog, the endless beach and the alien lighthouse relic charts the rising sun. So much of similarity, so much of details I have seen before. I wonder how did this world die, it has no traces of pollution or even a disaster. All over the path, in the local galaxies that I visited there are seldom life. Only scattered human colonies in the planets of the deceased.

As the sky clears of the stars, slipping into familiar colors and clouds, I flew again to the center of the galaxy. Holographic Mercator projections on the screen traces previous flight paths. I met traveling souls trapped in their star ships, drifting and lonely. Many have chosen to orbit derelict stars waiting for their turn to die or the nova to reclaim their star matter.

~Etched in the divine centers of our atoms are memories of our existence. What the scientists call the tears of god'. It is no simply present, it is etched, was. Billions of years before time itself, around a planet orbiting the Maroon Star, God as we never knew him or her wrote the history of the universe. No religion binds this God except that (s)he is a master creator. And (s)he left images of every existence in this universe and many outside it in every atom. We are living past lives, lives so unique to us, they wonder how long it took for this God to imagine us. The scientists and space travelers never found the Maroon star. Never for millions of relative years. I found it. The immortal left me a map....but it will take an eternity to reach it. Puzzles in the bending times.

The hundreds of years we were together was beautiful to say the least. Your crystal fingers played with my hair and... How could I let go of you so easily, just by the promise of immortality. No life is worth a lost love. Remember the evening rain... During the seasons in the rain you played a harmonic illusion of love itself, you danced in the cold rain never getting wet. Illusions. Love never melts because of the elements, it is made of the languages of life. But immortality promised the Maroon Star itself. I will not forgive myself.

Don't seek for me Ghost...

I wont stop, ever.

It is not worth your life.

I am immortal, I don't have a life anymore Orion. You are my life. My salvation and the path to God.

No, return to your true path, you have many lives to seek. The seasons in rain are insignificant in the search for the origin. When you find God you have found me, you have found time, you have found everything.

What will happen to you then...

I will always be here. But you must not seek me.

And our touch continue to wither. And be reborn. Philosophical machinery continue to tick and make the universe evolve. My journeys continue.

I found humans in worlds so far away, they must have been great sailors. Travelers never giving up. They came for the meaning of life as well. All of us from the dawn of civilization wanted something from this world. We wanted a part to play, no mere observers on an epic stage mirrored with wars and struggles. They never found other warring civilizations. They never found the sins, no greed or lust. The purity of universe makes us stick out like false diamonds. Who are we?

I will find you Orion, be it even under the Maroon Star, after death of the immortals be it.

[#] A continuation of;[It's Time To Go]


Jeevan said...

Its really a part of Human+Universe. I wondered at some points here.

"Love never melts because of the elements, it is made of the languages of life." very nice!

Alok said...

"I found humans in worlds so far away, they must have been great sailors. "-

brilliantly written again ... I sometimes wonder what makes you delve into these depths ...


Cinderella. said...

"...but you must not seek me..."
Why ?
Why not ??
Isnt he who maketh his creative genius...?
Isnt he who maketh him the extra-ordinary that he is....??
Isnt he his alter ego..???

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Ghost Particle said...

[jeevs] true enough...searching for the unknown...and a lost familiarity.

[alok] i wonder myself...maybe its the great big sky full of magic and gods. Thanx bro.

[cindy] true enough da...but then the search can only happen if there is a will from her and will to seek a life together. something much of the world is missing. its a metaphor of sorts that the search will happen in any life any world.

[timothy] thank you sir, I visited your site.


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