Monday, December 24

<<<<<<<-- Ho Ho Ho

[#] Wishing for the impossible...for this Xmas I want a Zune 80 :D


Ghost Particle said...

as u can c frm d title...the lazy ghost iz jst draggin his tree in.

Hey guys, post ur xmas trees and leave a link here.


Jeevan said...

Will do that soon bro. Merry Christmas to you too :)

Alok said...

wishing u the same bro ... hv a blast



Cinderella. said...

"...Zune 80 "...????
What on earth is that ??
Have fun though and be safe.
Merry Christmas.

homo escapeons said...

Hairy Crizzmoose Ghosty!

joaninha said...

Merry Christmas dear ghost particle!
I'd like to feel what this means, because the world has people so sad, that is incredible do wish anyone merry christmas...
But good health to you and family, happy good days beeing pacient and with love, it's my deep wish to you

tulipspeaks said...

happy holidays and see u in 2008.



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