Tuesday, December 11

Fotón Moments

through the glass
looking across the horizon
it was not the sun piercing
nor photons defying physics
it is you
in the moments

the future
she always asked
how would it be like
to live
at the centre for the galaxy
with a million stars around us
photon dreams

million stars
along the roads of the 70's
littered with flickering lights of resistance
travels a mechanical human
seeking surviving souls
in the wastelands
of war

do you want today'?
she asked
as daylight faded into darkness
like sunsets from younger days
all are now aging
I said
'nothing... just a goodbye'

from this sadness
raindrops on seasoned leaves
contains a microcosm
of caustic reflections
serving scarred imaginations
binding me in this dreams
of no hope
such are the navigating photons
in the endless universe

[#] The struggles of the human mind in a turbulent world. The destiny of the photon illuminated humans.
[+] Fotón_1, Fotón_2


Miladysa said...

Your poetry is on an amazing journey!

I think this is probably my favourite!

I don't know what it is, but I do know that in the past few months something has changed within you and is emerging through writing such as this!

Bravo ;]

[look in my blogroll for the blog 'decadent tranquillity' - if you do not like it I will eat my hat! :] ]

Keshi said...

wow Ghosty u r something! I request u to publish a book on ur fantastic snippets. They r so uniquely brilliant!


Jeevan said...

I was to go in imagination on the 70’s war and the sunsets from younger days or aging. Wonderful writing nanba. Be careful with her, some times she may pull you between galaxies. :)

Alok said...

u must be knowing urself how brilliantly u have written this .... brilliant brilliant and brilliant

and not to forget the last para was amazingly beautiful ... Siva u have scored a six with this hit (or might be more ... eight ten .. hundred if there were anything like tht in cricket with a single shot:)) ...


Cinderella. said...

Getting under the skin of any poetry is most important for me...appreciation must come later.
Blank swiss words without implication amount to almost nothing more than the feeling of " Im here...so what I dont understand"....

I know I'm blabbering....anyway...
This isnt pertaining to your post.
Hope you got my drift though.

Vesper said...

i really love it! you combine opposites so exquisitely...

Nachi said...


...the usual splendid justice that you do to poetry bro! i second the 'publish a book' thought...

Pauline said...

"Unbind me from this sadness" Ouch that is so wonderfully piercing to the soul!

Nahuatl said...

Woooooo! Awesome! :)

Keep it up, my bro! :D

Ghost Particle said...

[miladysa] thx so mucch! true...i tink it matured more...3 years on... And thank you for the link...the blog is amazing!

[kesh] i will dear...i will. and guess who will b the first to get it...:P...Thx!

[jeevan] nanba...thanx for the dear words. and //Be careful with her, some times she may pull you between galaxies. // this is freakin good SF my man. those words...amazing!!!

[alok] hey thats too many brilliant! :p 6 is enough...from a master poet like yourself. I wish and wishh for more good posts! Thx bro.

[cindy] the cryptic miss from faraway, strikes again! ive replied to ur comment in our chat dear...itl b between us.

[vesper] im getting the hang of mixxing worlds...much to the horror of old school fanatics...but i found new fans with your kind words. Thx vesper.

[nachi] my man...wazzup!!! a book you say...you will get it soon...i hope. :D

[pauline] something brewing deep inside pauline, I cant let it out. the world is too cruel. Thx for coming.

[nayan] my bro...hey have you met nachi...i tink me might be living near you...hugs man...thx for the chats...


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