Thursday, December 6

End Times

During the judgment day(s), God will ask you why you became a murderer. And you will have to tell him its because of your master and his ideals. And your master's life will end. And you will be sent to hell. A soul departed, a soul tortured. For all the atrocities you did on earth. You could have killed your master, and spared the lives of the innocent. Solutions are simple, follow the right path and you will find the truth. For all else, even time wont flow. That is the rule of the universe. Information is Entropy. Information is God.
[#] Tales from a Different Time.


MM said...

I like the way those Colours of Life slightly overlap the Human Universe. Lends it an Outta the universe feel!!
;) :)

Keshi said...

deep stuff!


Isadora said...

:) For me God is Love, but I see why a scientist would think information is God.

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

U have conveyed a Very nice msg :)

Alok said...

yes indeed tales from a different time ... to me data is entropy .. information is God ... wht say?

As Keshi said ... deep stuff!! (read it thrice actually ..)


Miladysa said...

To repeat what others have said,



Nahuatl said...

Haha.. so true!
Long live paparazzi! lol.. hehe

Ghost Particle said...

[mm] Thanx Velu sar...glad u like it.

[Keshi] thx dear...but its not deep anymore when its shared.

[isadora] true, God is about compassion more that anything else...but information finally leads to God. Welcome here...

[pons] thanx pons. Hugs.

[alok] Data is chaotic, but it has a purpose and pattern...finally all road leads to God. Who knows...:p thx bro.

[miladysa] thx! well...lets talk more about the deep stuff then. :)

[nayan]! paparazzi! Nayan...whats up wit u :P


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