Saturday, December 1

December 1st | World AIDS Day

[+] World AIDS Campaign


Alok said...

Can u believe it ... even in the so called well educated group AIDS patient is looked down upon .... I questioned them as to the fact tht they knew how can one get infected with AIDS and most of them even knew the difference between HIV plus and AIDS and still there was an apparent apathy towards people infected with AIDS

Jeevan said...

I have a one about this.

Miladysa said...

I think that to many it has become the 'new' leprosy.

Thank you for highlighting the day.

Cinderella. said...

I wore a red ribbon to college that day.
Few remembered, many adored and some laughed...
I dont understand the last group, and I dont give a damn.
Evey ounce matters.
I'm glad you put it up here...

Ghost Particle said...

[alok] there enemies of the health care system is the racial and class prejudice of the health care workers and doctors them self. And they are part of the even worst human society as well. our small steps will change the world, soon.

[jeevan] I read it pa, good writeup.

[miladysa] true to what you say, rather than curing, we are shunning the patients, and forgetting the impact. Hugs.

[cindy] alot of people are modern day hippies who doesn't understand the weight of the issue. We will continue to change the world, open up new paths even if they dont like it. Hugs.


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