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Surangani goes places. Unbelievably hilarious, a video with a message to the tune of Surangani.

[#] Surangani is one of the most famous of the Sri Lankan Baila songs. One can say it is timeless, it transcended borders. I've learned Surangani during my Boy Scouts years, and today it has morphed into many forms, but the spirit remains. Do listen to other Baila songs (list in the Wiki page). Seignore is a popular song from the award winning Maniratnam movie KannathilMuthamittal , with Baila style composition by ARRahman. Video below;

[#] More Baila songs from Sinhala Juke Box.
[#] The Surangani song is via Ammu's Facebook Funwall. Say Keshi, do you know any Baila songs?

[Update] [+] If you've been having the blogger image posting bug, where after posting, when you click on the image to make it big a prompt pops up, there here is a temporary fix for it;[ACE_Blog]. This problem started a few days back, I noticed it yesterday.


Miladysa said…
I am unable to view the video:(

(I always have problems with U Tube - takes about 10 minutes to download 1 minute of film and I have no idea why. The problem does not happen elsewhere.)
Cinderella. said…
Me tube sux...big time !!
Ghost Particle said…
[miladysa, cindy] hemm...its a good vid...did you try going to youtube itself and trying the video? Just click on the video. I agree...all this streaming video, music over the internet cant cater for a bigger user pool. Maybe the server at your countries are under service. sigh... thx!
Keshi said…
How d u know Sinhala Baila so well? They r all my fav dance numbers :)

Miladysa said…
I managed to play it :]

Happy music and the little girl is delightful!
Alok said…
thank u for exposing me to this .. if not for u I wldnt have ever seen this ...

quiet interesting and loved the sarcasm of the lyrics :)

Jeevan said…
Fantastic song video, have killed the America through lyrics.
hilarious of her standing on Bush shoulder and dancing :D

I like the surangani, but only know its sri lankan numbers after watching Kannathil Muthamittal.
Karthi said…
Now it reminds of other "naughty" version of surangani that my friends used to sing when we were at school!
Pauline said…
Interesting post that reminded me of past office politics. Everyone at work grumbled about the current administrator and were secretly planning a party upon her departure.It is so much easier to find fault with another than to find solutions within ourselves.If each country can obtain the perfect administrator/leader/guide the world will then become a place of peace and happiness. I wish all of us as one human race to find that peace and happiness.
Ghost Particle said…
[keshi] heh..coz i love music...I wanna c Keshi dance to baila...hugs.

[miladysa] nice...this means you will love the movie. get it, there are English subtitles.

[alok] the world is our 'information bank' heh...we will learn more everyday. yes the sarcasm is excellent bro.

[Jeevan] nanba...long time ago I thought its a Tamil number, then only I realized its a Sinhale song...the music and art is great.

[karthi] yes sar I know that version too...heh...:P

[pauline]//t is so much easier to find fault with another than to find solutions within ourselves.// so true...there will never be peace in imbalance...when there are some who wants to be higher than the other. life is a struggle...

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