Friday, December 14

The Colony of the Deceased

Holy crap! that a baby?!

Yes kid...

How did he...she...I mean how did it survive this?

Miracle, Ray... It is a miracle! Jared...lets get this over with fast. Don’t want
those firemen snooping around this again...

Ok doc.

What are those noise?...Its talking? Those voice patterns...

Infinite voices, weird ones...Tell me can measure everything in this
world...But how do you measure them---your voice?

You should not be asking this question, you're the scientist.

Science can look into anything...but something’s out there are just too big...too vast to learn even...Voices are permeating through the fabrics of time they
say....Romantic...until you guys came along. Supercomputers and quantum logic...

It doesn’t matter...I just can’t explain what’s happening here...the babies..? It's true what the Chief said isn’t it? All this security....time travel and babies?

You can’t explain that one for sure...but this is not the first time.

What do you mean?

We’ve been working on these cases from 30 years back...all of them are
babies...from the space elevator crash, from the nuke attack, the quake…after
every terrible tragedy, we find them.

Just like that?! But they don’t have a scratch on’s a wreck for God's sake. And they talk!

Its not them...its just...I don’t know. We get that from time to time, it's like they
have some recordings implanted in their brain. Sometimes they go for months
without uttering a word. Some of them just sleep for days... Oh...the wounds...they
don’t have any...they appear after the tragedy...usually a few hundred meters
away from the time zero point.

I.....just.....Oh god how did I end up here....What am I doing here....what are we...the fucking X-files?!

A pretty sweet scene on your first week eh...kid.

I...I.....I don’t know....hold on a moment! 30 years! You have more of them?!

Hey! I've been talking for a good half an hour here...and you're lost.

We have her secured Doc.

Ah...a girl...charming...the first one this year. Wake up the good Doctor....we need her checked before Sunday.

Done. Uh...Doc...Who’s the kid?

Oh...Ray, meet Jared...our field specialist. Jared, this is our new computer guy.

Oh...for the website? [Laughs]

[Laughs] bet....maybe he can get the coffee machine working again.

(You won’t be laughing if I zero you pay dumbo’s).

Can’t you think of anything checks? Are you old school or something?

What The!

I’m 50 years older that you kid…I practically build your freaking world…real, the mind slums and the virtual.

Bye got your first baby....let see where she takes you.

....oh well....Someone please wake me up.

Let get some coffee Ray...its getting too cold today.

Umm....Doc....are we not going to the bodies?

They're dead kid...let the coroner and the feds handle them. We have something
much more important to do.

Yeh...better get started with the DNA....and V-tree setup ready soon...cheese....I didn’t for a moment thought those machines at the lab are for this.

No! Lets go decipher some Hamburger....I know a great place.


Okay here's the deal...I know you guys are dealing with some stuff at the lab...astronomy...

Correction...Astrophysics, particle physics...the real science.

Yeh that too...we'll but this is not exactly science isn’t it?

You say no? Something appears...just like that...every time there is a tragedy, they just appear...out of nowhere. I can’t dismiss them as magic, kid. They breathe and blink, they are us. are saying that again! Appear? What the hell is going on here?

I don’t know how to make this long story short kid, it's big and its a secret.

Yeh…and that too…how did you keep this dark for 30 damn years?

Oh that, well we didn’t tell anymore...[laughs] We didn’t do anything big to make
people notice. After all, they are not anyone’s baby; no one gave birth to them

I’ve seen some strange things before doc…the Pluto relics, the cosmic ray codes, but this just takes it to a whole new serious shit.

We are making big discoveries; you have to just treat them as something
natural…but unexplained to appreciate them.

Easy...yeh just easy.

The first baby was found in Australia. Right after the asteroid 2029 event wiped
out the whole city but they found him, all smiling near a collapsed Temple. The
Child of God…he made the headlines for months. Right until they found out about
his accelerated growth. He disappeared, and reappeared here in America and the
rest was history. At the age of 5, just a year after they found him, he solved the
Spootniz-Ramana theorem of binary black hole energy systems. With a pen and


Are you still with me kid? He died at the age of 25, his immune system was
fried…they experimented on him, pushed him over the ledge of hard science. He
solved a century worth of physics and space anomalies. But after the second and
third case, the scientist started to notice things, what they are capable of and
ultimately where they come from. No mystery bigger than those, in our first 5
years we had 20 scientist and mathematicians reborn.


Yeh…did I mention to you…all the babies…they have the genetic makeup’s and
intelligence of many well know scientist. Well known and dead. The first one was
Einstein… And after a decade…we got artists, authors, murderers...heck...we even
found the Ripper. So you understand now why we have to, well…keep them out of
the society. That’s why we need the profiles, and your V-tree is the best chance we have in figuring who they are before they grow up.

I’ll hold the ‘who they are, they become question’ for now. Where do you keep them? You have them all in a place, hospital...where? In some underground lab?

You crazy stereotype...put them in a hole and wake up to a million conspiracy
theories? Come on. We send them all over the world. All our scientists and
the members of the Agency, they grow up living this beautiful world of ours...Since the first file cases were opened a couple a decades ago, we found about three
thousand of them. Had 2 in this week must be our lucky charm.

I have so lost this....lost my brains.

It gets better…now lets talk about the time travel thing…

Im not listening.....I write codes for all I care...not research some Foo babies.

They’re no Foo babies Ray! Didn’t you read your assignment files...what were you doing in the bloody lab? Wanking? Rita is one good specimen aint she...a lab full of
nerds and a Bunny.

I...hey! Listen here doc...I came in as a computer guy...I read codes; I write codes...I build virtual worlds.'re a freaking genius. Geniuses come a dime a dozen nowadays...wet
polyglot activist living on Coke drips and fries. But you are special Ray…I asked for
you specifically for your beautiful V-trees...we found Turing a few months back.


We need his V-tree up fast. He's been programming this I've never seen before.

Turing who? What?

Turing…as in Alan Turing. A hundred years and you kids don’t know history.

Oh blame me for forgetting an old man who died a hundred years ago…we don’t build monuments in 2050 Doc.

This is bigger than that Ray…you will learn about the babies. You will know what they are capable of. After all, we are just starting to build the colony of the

© 2007 Sivanesan a.k.a Ghost Particle
[-] V-tree's are something like a DNA profile of the Time and Space we lived in. Projecting it forward and backwards will unlock all our timelines, our paths in this universe. This is fiction of course.

[#] Another attempt for a sci-fi movie idea, sometimes I wonder if some publisher reads me...And to get those Hollywood execs coming :p...this is original stuff guys...been cooking for over a year. Hope you like it.


Ghost Particle said...

damn the formatting...i cant get the tab formats to work when it is published...i dont know why. so you have all the conversations in one line...hope you can tell them differences.

Neha Nair said...

Hey ya the differences are visible. Why don't you write for movies or something. It really got me curious. I think few lines have been repeated, otherwise a perfect job .

Anonymous said...

Open Id Test...lalalalala

Miladysa said...

Definitely film material here!

What a great idea - you have already captured my imaginatiion and I am looking forward to more.

The DNA thing is not so weird - have you had yours tested for ancestry? Your ancestry 'Y' DNA is the same as your father's and his father etc. going right back to the man who first sired your line (perhaps a few mutations here and there). From your mother you will have inherited MTDNA - inherited from her mother all the way back to first mother in your line. As you can see, I'm quite 'into' DNA where origins of ancestry are concerned and have had mine tested :)

Alok said...

very enjoyable read and glad tht u posted it on this day after a year ..... that helped (atleast today) .. ....

so many expressions were uniquely new and brilliant and one tht is still ticking in the mind is deciphering the hamburger .. yeah .. well done bro!


Pauline said...

well now you have us!!! What about the next chapter? Your explanation made me think of a tree and the circles within its trunk that represent each season of growth and reflect the amount of moisture for that time frame. Nice write my friend!!

Mandeep Gill said...

i LOVE the story!

You should really write more fiction. its fun to read!

yes, me's ALIVE
for now...

homo escapeons said...

I hope that you are working towards getting this published in the RW. You are definitely on to something.
There are some things that are too big even for science...for now anyways.
Keep going...thoroughly enjoy being transported to the galactic ghosty particulars.

PD thanks for the Rock..he is outrageously funny. I am shuttin down the F B for a while. I just don't have enough time to manage both. I'll check in once and a while but I am really crampin' *everybody else's style and I want to give them all a little more breathing room. Hope you understand.

(*ie good lady wife & kids)

Cinderella. said...

Dude...dint quite get it.
Care to explain...??

Ghost Particle said...

[ghostparticle] dude, dont comment on your own comment box...sheees!

[neha] hey...thanx for droppin by. I will I must create and opening first and to do that must load up i mean must build up with the backup cache of writings. Yes, i did not actually edit much except for spellcheck...wrote this in one hour...

[miladysa] I will write more...once i get this laziness demon out of my back...:p Im hearing alot of this, but I dont know whether it will work here...coz my ancestors are from India. hemmm that means that they have to do tests here and there? Ill try it one day...thx Milady.

[alok] thx bro...yeh, a year ago i wrote the first paragraph...then decided that a story would not work so wrote this back as a conversation. :D

[pauline] thanx pauline...true indeed thats like a growth ring of times. hemmm...thanx for that thought. the second part should come out soon...hopefully within a few months :P

[mandeep] Thx! ill write more and more. Must try something on normal fiction...if u want to read more just follow the label...ghost stories.

[HE] Thanx don! heh...i will and must write all this into a feature length novel soon. I understand the FB comes first. Have a nice holiday season.

[cindy] okay...aaaaaaaaa.
Dead people are reborn...actually they are sent back in time from the future where the souls of dead people are collected and transformed into babies and left behind during tragedies. Understood? :P


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