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This is not the truth. Today the truth cant be written. We are made to write lies. Lies are suggested to be good for a united existence. Lies also paves the way for corruption to flourish. Like flowers. But flowers wither and fall. But not corruption. Not politicians bastardizing the country. Not them. This is a truth, but no, I cant write the truth. Even when there are graphic images of the truth. Even when the whole existence saw the truth. Even when our brothers and sisters from miles away saw the truth and wanted to do something about it I can't write the truth anymore. Truth Kills. But when the time comes, all information will permeate existence. You and me will see the same and hear the same. Then the truth doesn't need to be written, it will flow. The consequences will destroy the lies. Are you ready?


Cinderella. said…
No its not like that...truth always doesnt kill....

Sometimes its only the the truth that saves !!

The desolation is what makes us close or eyes towards it. We have to open our eyes and not bias its value just for the fact that it doesnt prevail as much as it should.
Take care.

p.s : Why dont you reply to what your readers comment for your posts ?
If you want us to say something about what you think, then we feel the same !!
Ghost Particle said…
Cindy! I do reply...just that I do it once a week...time time time is d factor...once i start to blog hopping I wont do any other work...which makes my clients hate me. We dont want that right? :p Hugs!
Jeevan said…
Just writing truth, won’t be truth. I realize for wishes we may lie sometimes, to feel we need the truth.
All Tomorrows said…
In lies lies the truth.
alex said…
hmmmm...very true...
Nachi said…
sigh have nailed it pretty well bro!!
Alok said…
Voltaire once wrote "To announce truths is an infallible receipt for being persecuted." and in the same breath Thomas Jefferson wrote "The man who fears no truth has nothing to fear from lies." thus whether truth is written or not .. it will exist and will destroy lies

I agree with your reader all tomorrows. Inside a lie is a wish and inside the wish is the truth however small of a speck. It is still there. To lie is to realize the truth; be it sad or happy.
Pauline said…
Truth is unchangeable!
Ghost Particle said…
[jeevan] you have a great point there, different perspectives presents different truths. thx.

[Fred!] in lie lies the truth, yes, but I cant still write about it, its for the people to know. There is a greater power upholding the lie. thx bro :)

[alex] hello bro, how are you? thanx.

[nachi] thx bro.

[alok] ultimately the lies will be destroyed and humanity shall prevail. Will we seed the revolution?

[inside] exactly, the liars realize that, but they make sure it doesnt come out. :)

[Pauline] is never will be conquered, truth is jst hiding for a better day. Thx and hugs.
Nahuatl said…
Truth doesn't kill.

But by the time it will become something actionable, we all will be already killed by the lies or will be on the verge of extinction.
Ghost Particle said…
[nayan] you said it, and that is the truth. truth is outnumbered and outsmarted by lies. but when we all die, all lies will die with us. then truth will prevail.
Solitaire said…
I believe it.
Ignorance is bliss.

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