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On a lonely hill near the Sirius range
a dead body under the moonlight
buzzing flies tells a story of time
no signs of life but a lonely heart
it might be a suicide or a tragedy in disguise
what he lived for he has unwillingly lost
I know a few alive who can relate
this is an empty soul in fight
seeking redemption for a battered life

all around no one in sight
I sat there watching him age
sparkles of dream jump and take flight
slowly joining the stars of his fate
in the shallow hills of the forest
twinkling dreams wait for sunshine
the dead mind agreeing to assist
my own salvation from a crazy life
so that I too can live into the night

[#] Weird.


Anonymous said…
Siva's gonna get married soon! Get the baby strollers out :)
Jeevan said…
Seeking for the lost heart. little bit frightening too.
Ghost Particle said…
[anon] oi gila!
Keshi said…
Im as dead as u'd never know Ghosty...

Alok said…
"what he lived for he has unwillingly lost - If he has been able to do this Shiva, then to me he has achieved the redemption-

and three cheers for this "twinkling dreams wait for sunshine
the dead mind agreeing to assist
my own salvation from a crazy life
so that I too can live into the night"

Somehow this hit me hard. Is redemption that easy?

That linky thing is to get me here as soon as possible...:D

I think you should post this on Monday poetry train. The link is on my sidebar!
Pauline said…
very very deep.take care my friend.
Cinderella. said…
This was sheer delight !!!
Serene, silent, candid..!!

And sounded a lot like my 19 yr old heart-wreck times I cant decipher what he is trying to say...but just gather that whatever he said is something really really deep and profound...

You guys make redemption seem so it really ?
Keshi said…
hope ur ok matey :)

Nachi said…
nice one bro. but somehow i liked the random-rant-about-the-new-mall post better. this was intense!

guess im in a shallow mood today! :)
Ghost Particle said…
[Jeevan] It is sometimes Jeevan, sometimes the loneliness just consumes you.

[Keshi] We are on the same boat :) Im here Keshi, but things r not all right.

[Alok] You have a point, he lost it without tugging it back, or taking it with him...that is a great liberation. Thanx bro!

[Gautami] Redemption is not easy, but we make it achievable by our words. Thanx! I like the link thing! And sorry missed the Monday poetry train, will try the next time.

[Pauline] Thanx Pauline, sometimes we explore the well not finding the bottom, forever. Hugs.

[Cindy] Come-on...its not hard, its easy, just let go or achieve something. :D

[NAchi] urghhh...tell me about the moods, im in one lasting 2 weeks!
Miladysa said…
I love this poem... I pictured in my mind someone who had died fighting for a cause and although they had lost their life they had won your war...
Ghost Particle said…
[miladysa] i live your interpretation. the war is won, but never ending...the evil never dies, so we will never stop fighting.

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