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(Warning...Rant post...heh! If you want to miss this, there is a better post before this)

Finally the village mall opens in the funky town, and the crowd goes wild. Actually, not that wild. You see in this great big 'Ooooo...I want that too' country, there are many people who doesnt understand basic economics. They don't know what the people in this sleepy hollow needs, one thing or sure they don't need a high class joint. From the outside the place looks all so cool, but inside (if you're in SP, please DON'T go inside) its all the same old hawker styled 2 bucks store. All full of cheap China knockoffs. So we searched high and low for something good, there arent any! Why do they always think we need high street (but cheap) fashion outlets? And in a town half an hour away from Penang!!! We even have a giant Gayathri Silk store here with no customers. They never learn do they, there's like 20000 Indians here who will definitely go to Penang for festival and wedding shopping. Bottom line is, We Dont Care if you build the largest mall's or whatever here, we just want bargain :D...its the town with the cheapest food in Malaysia!

So back to the Village Mall, the name itself sucks. We know this is Sungai Petani which is Malay for Farmer River (betcha dont have a cooler name for your town). And why on earth do you go name a freakin mall with an ugly name like village mall? Dont you hear enough jokes about SP? Idiots.

Ooo...there's a Starbucks there. And well me being the guy who brags about Starbucks in KL took the possy for a drink. The place was full the first day. On the second day, it was EMPTY! My prediction is slowly working. Starbucks HQ, if you're reading this, You opened the store at a wrong wrong town, we give it 6 months to a year to close down. Okay we go in right and I have set my mind on the green tea ice blend, the only stuff I drink at starbucks these days. We walk up to the cashier cum the guy who takes order and shouts at his assitant cum the coffee maker cum village idiot (har har :D Village idiot, get it? :P). And he goes 'HeloSirWecomeTohThStarbuksMayIhavYorOrderPise?' (he said that in 2 seconds, maybe less.) And we go "Oh..hmm...ok". And then he pointed to the new lineup for I think the Xmas season blend. And like all responsible cautious customers, we said Yes! the next second. Okay and I bet myself 100 bucks that I said two ice blend and one hot Mocha Praline Frappuccino's. So it came, the two clowns who work there made 3 ice blend coffee's. As always, not to make a scene, and it being a newly opened joint, we just took the coffee and made out way to the chairs. I feel the SP Starbucks is just too 'open', it doesnt have the cozy privacy like the Starbucks in Borders Time Square.

Finally after a few 'there and here' argument, we went to the terrace chairs and sat down to enjoy some of the worlds finest coffee (yeh rite). And then...WTF! It tasted like...there is no word...Starbucks...answer me...Why do we need to go to Starbucks if the coffee tastes like the 'a dollar a cup' you get from the roadside stalls? Why...why...why? Starbucks has great coffee's...the aroma itself will jolt you...the calories can keep you not hungry the whole day :p And here you have undertrained people making lousy coffee in unknown territory. What if you have days when there are no customer, then what?

Sometimes you can never understand the franchises. If there is a place on top of the Everest, they will open a store. It's probably good if they do some market research and find a place where people can actually spend 3 to 4 dollars for coffee. And think hard why you dont have Starbucks in Africa. I like Starbucks, once a month or so I can pick up a book at Borders and drink the green tea and eat the freakin good sandwich. These are places where you can observe how people mingle and go about their business or have fun. All customers are not the same, small town people hang out longer at coffee joints, and they don't use laptop's either. Starbucks like all the other foreign franchise employ locals, it keeps the micro economy (?) going. In the near future it will be imitated and it will loose out, but what they deliver will ultimately win the customers. But then again you have to think of what people really want, the customers come first. So it's a big NO to Starbucks SP. Wrong town, wrong time and wrong taste.

[+] Starbucks Malaysia

[+] Wiki Starbucks


Keshi said…
WOW FLASH place! :)

** feel the SP Starbucks is just too ...

ur a SB maniac ha! I hate SB coffee LOL!

Ghost Particle said…
Kesh! i like their Tea....:( maybe i should learn to make my own green tea ice blend...
Jeevan said…
I like more coffees! have good taste on world's best coffee there buddy.
Mandeep Gill said…
u should go to bangsar's Bangsar Village II at night. The starbucks has a patio at the very top floor. ur i the open but secluded.

love it there.

and in the day there's 2 other starbucks' in bangsar u can hang out in the cold and enjoy coffee.

now i just miss home~ great!
Anonymous said…
oOOOo Bad Starbucks.
homo escapeons said…
Do you remember the time Homer and Apu went to the HQ of the Quiki Mart and it was high up in the Himalayas. These marketing geniuses must all live with their heads in the clouds.

Thanks to everybody becoming globally brand conscious DUH! we all think that we somehow absorb status by holding our $6 cup of joe. HUH?

I live in the wholesale capital of Canuckistan and we always get the outlets before the actual franchises dare to show up..
here in the centre of Canada we are notoriously parsimonious ie CHEAP and we will not tolerate full retail prices.

We are so cheap that even IKEA won't come here!
tulipspeaks said…
puchong mathiri varuma?


Ghost Particle said…
[ammu] puchong sucks. :P

[HE} we share the same sentiments. And what is worst is the i jst recently read that Starbcks only buys 6% Fairtrade coffee beans among all their bean purchases. Im seriosuly rethinking this Starbucks adventures. Ikea is scared of Malaysia too...they have only 1 store for the past 20 years or so.

[anon] yes it is.

[Mandeep] BV 2. Thats a good place, ill give it a try next time. Mss home eh...come back! bout starbucks in indonesia?

[Jeevs] Its not worlds best anymore ...hahahaha...
Anonymous said…
amon ra was herreeeeeee. this is spam. you may deleette it if you likesa. i own starbucks coffy kup also. me digg you., me heart you
QUASAR9 said…
Well you can't beat a Starbucks Frappucino

They are £3.80 here
how much for a large one in Malaysia and India?
Ghost Particle said…
[Q9] Frappucino large is MYR 15 (~USD 4)...but Im not sure how much it is in India. I agree...the taste is damn good.

[amon ra] tauke...muhahahahaha
Pauline said…
Hoping you feel better after your ranting :) For me the thrill is to make coffee at home the way we enjoy it. The aroma, the service so gracious LOL the convienience with no line no noise can't beat the price either!!!
Alok said…
very interesting read ....Once when I was in HK, I remember I had to practically shout to make them realise I want "two short skimmed latte" ..... Anyways these days I practically dont have starbucks ... my office coffee machine zindabad
Ghost Particle said…
[pauline] i so love to make coffee myself...been collecting beans this year...but just cant make the perfect coffee.

[Alok] all hail the office coffee machine!
Anonymous said…
What's with u and SP? wHO'S the Bigger Idiot? I think u r. Where do u come from anyaway...? Long long long time ago? God forsaken India? Motherland....sudahlah. sTAY PUT IN YOUR eSTATE LA MACHA....UWEKKKK
Ghost Particle said…
[anon] i think you are the bigger idiot for not knowing reality. get a blog, get a job, write. :P you must be one of those hip hop indians...

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