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The Nights are never cold
The days painfully unfold
The definite freedom
never tonight
You and me shall never see
another daylight


Everyday I recollect
the paintbrush patterns
on the bathroom walls
where I hide the nights
during the nuclear winter
where even the mornings
are nights
I hide.


It happened the other day
the whirling electron
jump out one by one
from the TV mirror
spinning out of control
into wells of probability
the universe with no urgent response
let them live all night
decaying only when morning comes


[#] Tales from Another Reality


Pauline said…
Deep and thought provoking.
I like your new banner
"To be what we are and to become what we are capable of becoming is the only end of life" this was written in a signature collecting book when I was a child. The book is lost the words remain.
Cinderella. said…
We may hide, we may look into a morning thats gona turn into a decaying day, we may not see the sun bright instead of gray again..but....

We never stop living...

Like Robert Frost said,

"the woods are lovely , dark and deep;
but I have prommises to keep;
and miles to go before I sleep,
and miles to go beore i sleep..."

As usual , I loved your rendition.
Take care dear.And dont loose heart. We are always there for you.

Miladysa said…
I have always enjoyed your writing - your fiction and poetry in particular. It just gets better and better! :)
Mandeep Gill said…
from another reality eh?
i know what that's like.
Keshi said…
Ghosty u write well enough to make me feel blonde...:)

Jeevan said…
It just starts like an poem and end in science story. nice one bro!
Alok said…
the awakening tht u seek is achievable for it is a dream tht can be realised ... unlike the snowflakes of northern winter ... the hot nights of ur plains would weather spring


Nahuatl said…
Jeevan is right :)
Nachi said…

Ghost Particle said…
[Pauline] those are strong words Pauline, almost timeless...where time takes nothing else will.

[Cindy] Am I am always here for you and everyone! HEnce life is the only element that is timeless, and the elements themselves mean nothing? Illusions. That means I want to live at nights only. Forever.

[miladysa] thank you so much! Your support means a lot, I will write better.

[mandeep] yes you do...this is an escapists dream.

[Keshi] Stop sayin dat! One day im gona make u dye your hair blond!!! :P:P:P

[Jeevan] now you have something there nanba! true...i have sf in mind.

[alok] I take your words as encouragement. We shall see a better world, live a content life. Wishing...

[nayan] hey! get ur own comments...:P hahaha thx bro.

[nachi] thanx bro.

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