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Marathon of Hope

The Kuala Lumpur Terry Fox Run 2007 is on the 4th of November (Sunday) at the Lake Gardens (Taman Tasik Perdana). Do participate in this noble event in aid of cancer research and keep the Terry Fox dream alive. How Terry inspired the world is amazing, his motivation and energy should inspire generations to come. He is a true Hero.

Anyone can participate it's a free fun filled event! But of course you can contribute by purchasing the Terry Fox T-shirt for MYR 25 or make a donation and contribute towards a world event thats been taking place since Terry's first run in 1981. It's a fun even for family and friends with lots of activities starting from early morning Nov 4th. The Run itself starts at 9 am.

Please check the links below to find a run in your own country. More that 50 nations organize this run or have organized it. If you have participated before, just leave a message with links to stories or any other info. Thank you.

[+] Terry Fox KL; view the route map and also further information on where to get the t shirts
[+] Details in of the 2006 race and this years coverage
[+] CARIF; the cancer research foundation benefiting from the race
[+] LensaMalaysia snaps of last years event
[+] International TFR Listing; Find your country here.
[+] Canadian TFR Listing
[+] USA TFR Listing
[+] Terry Fox Wiki
[+] Terry Fox Run Wiki (TFR around the world)
[+] Terry Fox Foundation
[+] Marathon of Hope

[#] Ghost got the T's...hope to make it for the run, or I'll run from anywhere I am!


Keshi said…
so u want me to be Forrest-ina Gump now?

Jeevan said…
My advance wishes for participating in the run for a good cause bro.

Hope he inspires more people through many Marathons. Nice to know he would be in India soon next year.
Best of luck for the run...

I participate in most..
Kristen Hovet said…
terry fox went to SFU, my university. there's a statue of him in the AQ..., near the koi pond.

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