Sunday, November 25

Malaysian Indians

[Update 8 pm] The Tv3 news reports that around 200 person is still held at different detentions centers. No mention of injuries to the protesters, but some Police officers were injured in sporadic confrontations. And the weirdest thing is that it seems the organizers of the rally simply 'faxed' the petition to the British Embassy! Is this march/rally/protest lost in translation because of bad organization, no planning and definitely because it went against the law? You can see how confusing this is being a few hundred miles from KL, I wonder if even the people in KL knew what really happened? Certainly there are other ways to claim what the Malaysian Indian community needs, and certainly protests are not the way, but yet again this is a minority community without a voice and it's only leader within the ruling government doesn't seem to be able to help every Indian any more. In many ways, by doing a 'race' based rally, it had brought danger to the community itself, because of this kind of misinformation and SMS rumors that sent wrong signals and made this many people march for something they themselves are not clear with. Why carry the images of Gandhi when the rally turned violent, and why are some carrying the British flag? Why sue the British government? What do the Malaysian Indian really want?

[Update 4.30 pm] Just read from a few sites including that all those arrested has been released unconditionally. Will wait for the evening new for the Police to confirm this. The injured has been sent to the hospital. Hope everyone can get back home safely, ignore all other rumors. Anyone who reads this site or other News site, please remind others that all else is rumors, there's NOTHING else happening since the protest this morning, please ignore SMS's. And for your safety, just go about your life, everything ended, peacefully or not is not for me to judge, you saw the updates, AlJazeera has very good video+interview updates, even had one with the Chief of Police. He specifically mentioned that the authorities were willing to let the organizers to go to the British Embassy to hand over the petition, but the person(s) involved were not there to be seen. Have to verify this, thus far no conclusion weather the petition is given or not to the Embassy officials. CNN and BBC news updates have started to appear, rest of the world probably would be able to watch them now. God Bless all, take care.

[Update 5] March Ended according to; dont know any other updates except the ones from AlJazeera. Some updates in No casualty report, but people are arrested. Please find out more about that if anyone you know went there. Lets pray for safe return of everyone, everywhere. Dont provoke or anything anymore, dont spread SMS or anything else. Wait for local news which might not happen considering the state of press freedom in Malaysia. Wait for AlJazeera. No updates from Batu Caves, no images no news.

RTM (Malaysian national TV and News) had an interview with The Chief of Police who mentioned that no force were used except that 'water' were shot at the crowd. But AlJazeera news clearly showed that the water is laced with chemicals and tear gas were fired. Hope all ends well. [All Under Control]

[BBC Update]

God Bless.

[Update 4 - 12noon ] The AlJazeera 12'clock news just ended, the protest was reported from the KL studio. It was to be a peaceful march, but it was illegal in the sense that no police permit was given. Protesters gathered from early morning, video news shows tear gas fired into the crowd at KLCC. Still no news from Batu Caves. Rumors are rife, but no news yet. The AlJazeera newscaster interviewed Devamani, a BN-MIC MP who claimed the march is illegal and said that everyone has the right to elect the government they want using the ballot box. All I know, this protest could be the beginning of the end for Samy Vellu and MIC. Video shows protesters NOT provoking the police, they are just sitting, they are under siege from the riot police. Protesters; Indian men, women, senior citizens are marching for human rights and essentially a way out of poverty in Malaysia.

This is a march for basic Human Rights and Indian Malaysian rights underlined in the constitution of Malaysia and the Human Rights charter of the United Nations.

AlJazeera news update every 30 minutes, live reporting from KL studios and around the world.
[+] More news updates from; [USA-Today], []

[Update 2 11.45 am] New Al Jazeera Video Update.
Situation reported to be clam, no further updates from Al Jazeera (Astro Channel 513), no reports in BBC or CNN...maybe I've missed it. Please wait for final updates on what really happened, so far images of arrests and tear gas fires are from the Al Jazeera news video update. Not sure what really happened at the Batu Caves temple complex.
For Malaysian Indians: Please dont trust ANY sms you get and please dont forward any sms regarding this march. No one knows the real source. Dont react emotionally. Please follow the links below for more updates, but dont believe everything you hear and any calls or sms. If you have any family members who went for the march, please contact them and find out regarding their safety, protesters were captured, so please keep check.

[Update] Al-Jazeera News: 10,000 Malaysian Indians gathered in KL city center, thousands more in the Batu Caves temple. Video shows many protesters taken into custody, including women. News reports of many protesters in Batu Caves temple complex.

Ethnic Indian Protest in Malaysia

Is This Democracy?

[Original] No one believed that this peaceful protest will ever be handled peacefully. Police and the reserve units started firing tear gas and water cannons at the Indians gathered around KL city center and the Batu Caves temples. News report says many were arrested on the streets and the Batu Caves temple complex itself. Lets hope this ends in peace. God Bless everyone.

[+] AlJazeera Breaking News Video of the Crackdown
[+] Follow the Peaceful March unraveling every minute at[]
[+] Malaysiakini Updates
[+] Some news report of the event from around the world [CBS News - Malaysian Cops Teargas Hindu Protesters]; [Reuters - Malaysian Police Fire Tear gas]

[Disclaimer: The 3 posts of 'Malaysian Indians' is ONLY to highlight the well being, safety of the person(s) involved in the rally and the events that occurred on 25-11. All posts are based on my personal opinion, all links coming in are intellectual properties of the originating blogs, news sites, videos and other online materials. At NO time and for NO cause, do I, Ghost Particle, the caretaker and founder of this blog (H+U) support or condone the organizers of the rally. No racist opinions and/or comments are welcome here. Thank you.]


Alok said...

the increasing clampdown on peaceful protests across the world undermines the concept of democracy ... govt are becoming increasingly becoming autocratic and mass movement across the world to initiate the campaign of "we the people ..." need to be carried on to instill the concept of democracy once more


Alok said...

the update was as quick as the post :) ... shows ur passion


Miladysa said...

Excellent reporting - well done!

This is the first I have heard.

I have just switched on the BBC 24 hour news, no report on it at the moment.

Checked the BBC News Website can't find anything there.

21:49 UK time as I write this - waiting for the 10:00 news - will let you know what it has to say if you want me to.

I hope that you and yours are safe.

Ghost Particle said...

[alok] true...our freedom are being pains me much when we cant defend our basic rights. We the people died long ago...we the greedy politicians stooges are the only one alive now.

[Miladysa] only AlJazeera had constant postings...maybe the magnitude is not as much as other countries...but this is the first...


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