Monday, November 26

Malaysian Indians (2)

[Update] This article reflects what the Malaysian Indian community should be doing rather than taking to the streets. Many might not agree, but then it is a start for all of us.

Change must come from within ourselves

At the end of the day, it is in the hands of the Indians whether they want to do better for themselves and their future generations. Street protests are definitely not the answer.

[Read Full: The Star - Change Must Come From Within Ourselves]

[Update - Batu Caves] The whole day I was searching for news on what happened at the Batu Caves temple complex. This is what happened []. The riot police fired tear gas into the temple compound, after locking the protesters inside (?!). Why is there no respect for my religion in this country? Isn't it enough that they mock us Hindus? That they tease us for praying to stones, that they laugh at us for wearing the Thirunur/ Vibuthi? That they continue to demolish temples? Is it wrong that we have the oldest religion and that makes us deeply religious and highly cultured? They continue to trample us and then they expect us to stay silent?

I don't know until when I want to be neutral on this, the blog world is feeling the after shocks of today's event, more and more Malaysian Indian bloggers are writing about this, I too wish to change the wrong to right - peacefully, but don't provoke our anger and don't test our patience, respect the Hindu religion, respect our basic and constitutional right to practice our religion freely and don't EVER attack our temples. I wonder is this the democracy that the government and its politicians been talking all day and all week. We all wait for you to answer to what happened today.

[+] More images from the protest at KLCC;[]
[+] More images from the Internet[Flickr 25th Nov]

[Original Post] 1000 years, 150 years....or 50 years. Where are we headed? What happened on Sunday 25th of November is indeed momentous, but whats more interesting is that it's not only the poor Indians or the much stereotyped estate workers who protested, there are professionals from all walks of life. Every Malaysian Indian out there must have felt the pain of the protesters. Does the feeling of being suppressed so evident that we Indians are willing to do anything, or do we think that we have the moral rights to do this so that our children and the generations to come will get the rights they deserve? Too many questions, but now many solutions.

It's now in the hands of the authorities to figure out a way to address this problem plaguing the community and not simply sweep it aside as an isolated case. The repercussions might be drastic from various sides, but do we want to sit and watch our beloved country crumble to the ground because of some opportunists and racists out there? As always be reminded that what goes around comes around and respect the image of Gandhi the protesters carried, non violence and peace. Today there's an open road for the Indians here, the protesters have made a point, but the community remain divided. But for the best of everyone, please go to the polls to show what you want not the streets anymore. And empower yourself to face the world out there. The only way out of this problem is creating an atmosphere were the solution can appear itself. We are poor because we are not together, so rebuild this community, stand united, enrich and educate our children and lets chart the future together.

[Disclaimer: The 3 posts of 'Malaysian Indians' is ONLY to highlight the well being, safety of the person(s) involved in the rally and the events that occurred on 25-11. All posts are based on my personal opinion, all links coming in are intellectual properties of the originating blogs, news sites, videos and other online materials. At NO time and for NO cause, do I, Ghost Particle, the caretaker and founder of this blog (H+U) support or condone the organizers of the rally. No racist opinions and/or comments are welcome here. Thank you.]


Miladysa said...

Still no mention on the news here.

Miladysa said...

Mandeep Gill said...

i go for a trip on one day and suddenly things go upside down.

Jeez. Will definitely read about this...after i do my work.

MM said...

Thx for letting us into this, GP! There are so many things in the world that I am unaware of... Jeez!

subramani said...

As an Indian and an Hindu, my heart goes out in support of all my brothers and sister in Malaysia who are fighting for the basic rights.

Hope the dharma truimphs at the end, and my dear brothers and sisters get the chance to live peacefully and with dignity.

Keshi said...

Thats very sad! ppl these days dun have ANY respect for another's faith. Simply there's zilch TOLERANCE. Its a very sad thing.


Jeevan said...

Yours was very clear about the situation at Malaysia. I watched through sun news of tear gas and water thrown on people at rally.

The people should come to know for what they are protesting; it’s the correct way to express. Hope all are safe, and life turn at normal to Malaysian Indians.

Ghost Particle said...

[miladysa] it was updated late...but by today there like thousands of news items out i said before only Aljazeera was faithful.

[mandeep] do you work and dont read it :p it will make u angry...i so hate when our freedom is belittled...

Ghost Particle said...

[mm] thanx for reading it...u can find more now...jst google it. thx.

[subramani] Dharma will triumph...lets stand united.

[Keshi] dont we live in our imaginations...the world is so cruel...a simple rally turned into this...i am sad too.

[jeevan] its getting big coverage in India...hope all goes well in the future...


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