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The Jungles of Pangaea

They might think why we care too much about them. But this is more than them alone, this is about the world and where we belong. This vague politics worry me much, what might happen in the days of desperation. When crimson rivers run in our polluted cities, there are no modern day warrior to scrape the spirit from the hell's on earth. Why do we glorify the evil so much if not that we belong with them. Their hype and lies are illusions, it might be true but we will never see it. Just like the jungle's of Pangaea, these are lies to cloud the mind from the truth. Might we go back to the beginning, it too will be an illusion, there are nothing true anymore.

[2] The river, a medium sized stream, runs behind the house. It was not secluded, not anymore the heaven, hidden at the edges of the jungle. Some years back, it was, where the mornings are surrounded by fog, and afternoons blanketed by canaries flying in experimental flocks. When all seems almost like an imaginary tale, she said that the place really exists. And we walked, and searched for it, during days and night, we searched the whole land. Did she forget the way? Then we found, the place, the edge of the forest, but not the house. Then I knew, she was dreaming, and her hopes are not real. The world has been destroyed, and the children she was then could only dream of such a place. Long live the children, death to humanity. The future doesn't look good at all.

[3] I had a dream. I'm in the dream now. Let me wake up, in a thousand years, and tell you what it is.

[#] Let's observe what tomorrow tells, this is a running post.


Mandeep Gill said…
The jungles of Pangaea. how ancient. your post. how mystical and deep.

To wake up in a thousand years and tell us this story- it would be beyond humanity indeed.

ever had those dreams- where all is not real and you wake up to some other place? i've had all kinds of dark dreams. i dreamt so and woke up in a place where everything was pale and grey. the people around me were mere apparitions and someone was coming after me because i wasn't like them. bloody freaky nightmare it was
Keshi said…
wow interesting info here Ghosty.

btw catch with Kamal in my blog today ;-)

Jeevan said…
Wonderful dreaming buddy!

Happy Deepavali, have nice time with your family and friend bro:)
Ghost Particle said…
[mandeep] I read your dream post. That was really freaky. Unless we share the same experience we would never understand it. People will never understand us.

[Keshi] as always mate.

[Jeevan] Thanx nanba.
Miladysa said…
This is so mystical and instinctive! Love it!
Kristen Hovet said…
i hope you keep writing. you speak from a place of compassion and intuition. thank you very much for posting and sharing such a deep side of yourself.

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