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It's Time To Go

Take care Ghost...I will miss you.

As the day dawned and the emerald stars glitter in the summer sky, and the waves caress the shallow beach, we said goodbye.

Was it a year ago that we were together again? Then you left.

Hello Ghost, it's been long. How have you been?

Hi Orion. I'm good, I missed you. Kiss. Love.

We walked along the beach. Wish this would last forever.

Does it have to be this lonely again, millions of years in the future. The stars burn brightly, the planets scattered in ancient waves. Me, I'm all alone waiting. The rivers running through the land, my companion and my friend, you have left along with everyone.

I wished, and we went back in time. Our days together. Laughter, for the smallest things around you gave me life. Everything along the way, we picked up, you placed the pebbles on the fringes of time, and as time forwarded back, the memories leaped out of your eyes as flashes of light.

Remember the day when you did not want to wake up. We hugged and wished to never die. That moment, along with others now entrenched far away in the neutron stars. That maroon dress, with the silver and gold sparkles, and gem stones resembling creation. And a bonfire never forgotten. All the matter in the universe bonding, the end on the far horizon of events, just leaping into the dreams of others.

Is that a rose? The most beautiful I have ever seen.

It's a nebula. The loving child of the universe. With a diamond in the middle, shinning ever so brightly, from the observatory, it looks just like a rose after rain, with tiny silver droplets of rain stories on it.

Rain Stories?

Yes, the rain stories. The rainlets remembers where to fall every time. The rose dies and reborn, it captures the rose. It's children, and their children to the end of time.

What happens in a rainless world then?

There is no life in a rainless world, no love and no memory.

For all the worlds we saw, all the world we conquered, we forgot about loneliness. There was a time when the star ships drifted in lifeless galaxies with crews walking into the dark abyss. Those were the days when the human heart yearned for more, just for once. It never did live alone, just like the sunless worlds, all lifeless, no histories and no bones.

Some days after the ravages of the great wars, the man came and offered me something I could never pass. Something so precious, it relieved the pain of the mind. The man offered to recapture my dreams, he would mine the stars and bring back the one thing I want most. And he left when I said yes. The wait was terrifying, the days just never came. It all felt like a long journey where I never aged, because I never wished to seek anything else.

A cold evening in the observatory, as I sat on the edge of the dome peering into the night sky, the lonely moon turning into a mirror for the stars, she came. I didn't know her but my mind and heart recognized her. She was not a demon from the abyssal voids of dark galaxies, she is to be my soul, he brought me life. And that night she just sat beside me not uttering a word till the early morning star rise. As beautiful it was that night, the hundreds of years after that was enchanting as forever.

But at what cost was this new existence? I wanted cure for a lonely heart in a lonely universe. I paid him with my mortal life, an exchange, I am immortal now. He wanted to die and now I live forever. The universe will remain with me till the end. I am God.

In the forest near my house, where ancient fireflies were reborn, is where I keep my memories now. I walk the same path of men. I touch the lives of others. And I continue to wait undying ages for her. I wonder what will she ask me now, as I have all the answers. The moment she asks me something I don't know, I will seek another God.

[#] Another Sci-Fi, and I continue to live forever.


Keshi said…
**I paid him with my mortal life, an exchange, I am immortal now

d u mean God or u?

Miladysa said…
An amazing piece of writing, I am lost within the story!

"It's a nebula. The loving child of the universe. With a diamond in the middle, shinning ever so brightly, from the observatory, it looks just like a rose after rain, with tiny silver droplets of rain stories on it." - Beautiful!
Jeevan said…
Wow! I just put on fantasy while reading. A cold evening part was beautiful bro.
Pauline said…
a very nice writing that draws the reader into the place and setting.
Rain stories...endless cycles of life.
Ghost Particle said…
[keshi] this is an idea when our minds live forever. We achieve nirvana. God died after giving me immortality. I am the God. Then the cycle repeats.

[Miladysa] Thank you! You write more soulful stories than me. :)

[Jeevan] Thanx nanba. Cold evenings are always nice.

[Pauline] Indeed it is. I just felt we need to belong somewhere. Thanx!!!
Keshi said…
if Im God why am I so unhappy abt the world?

Alok said…
This is one of the pieces that will linger on with me for some time and times to come ..... I think it is extremely powerfully written .... well done Ghosty


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