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I never really paid much attention to this issue, the meaning of blogging. Hence today I need to get some feedback, some idea of what blogging is to you. As we move ahead in this so called digital revolution, a lot of us tend to ignore the multitude of parts that make up the digital world. Everyday you surf and 'dance' in the world wide web looking for something that either contributes to your work life or enhances your social life. This is truly a blessing where a decade ago there are still people writing letters to pen pals, wheres today we have people boring the daylight out of others either by IM or e-mails. But one thing for sure, the WWW means business in all sense. Any free service out there is tied with some kind of money making 'hidden' business plans. (Bear with me on this, I will get to the point soon). Adverts either in your inbox or at your blog and sites generate money by simply knocking out your fine senses. Color and no less touch; the digital click machine, pictures to services, maps to SMS's, we are heading in the right direction and everyone benefits.

So we come to a new juncture, a crossroad and to an extend, a paradigm shift in casual blogging. Casual blogger's like me and the one's who read my blog (all 10 of you). The first thing I want to know is your motivation in blogging. All the blogs I frequent to has some kind of mission statement, while everyone says that blogging is a salvation from the insanity of the real life, at the very fundamental level, there must be something that makes you want to write a post. What drives you to write a post?

The second question is, do you feel obliged, or do you think you are facing a moral rights issue in blogging about certain issues. Push button publishing means one day you can wake up and say 'Fuck the Hell out of this Stupid World' and publish it. And wait in the darkness of your room, with mosquito buzzing and stray electrons from your monitor burning your face for that one or two comments that goes "You rock, death to democracy and conventional nationalism shit, we the nerd shall rule the world". Something like that. But in the true sense, people are going to say you are just another wannabe with an electron gun in the form of your keyboard. This is the idea. Do you 'need' to write to justify an issue affecting your community or to defend your roots or your passion? Focus on the word need.

And my final question is about positive (or negative) feedback. You can forever say it's your blog and you have all the reasons to write what you want...but...does that merit for you to write some dramatized account of your 3 am McDonald's adventure complete with pictures and wait for unsuspecting 'sane' people to say something like 'Shut the hell up and write something worthwhile"? And the next moment you jump on them and say 'It's my blog, I can write whatever I want". Here lies the problem, we are bringing our ego into the medium that enabled our salvation. So tell me, what kind of feedback do you look for, or do you really want a feedback in the first place? Do you want something out of all this?


Miladysa said...

My blog started out of my desire to write, to be creative, to translate the thoughts of my mind into stories.

When my blog became popular I loved the comments and played to them by writing what people wanted to read and not what I wished to write. My writing changed and I wrote 'fluff' that attracted plenty of comments and visitors to the blog and in turned helped to destroy my creativity.

When I returned to blogging in October I pledged to myself that I would write my fiction and not court popularity. Those who really like what I write will visit and others would flock to 'fluffy' blogs :)

I am a political person and have strong opinions - I often think of expressing them on my blog yet shy from doing so. I do not know why - maybe I will some day. At the moment I prefer to read the opinions of others.

Sometimes advertisements on a blog are like an assault on the senses...

The best thing about blogging is that I have had contact with people all over the world - people whom I would not come into contact with by any other means - and I think of my fellow bloggers as my friends - through their blogs I know some of how they feel and think. If the peoples of the world can understand each other there is less chance that the politicians of the world can promote misunderstanding.

Well... you did ask ;)

Keshi said...

Interesting qns there Ghosty!

Blogs to me r not just bits n bytes of words written carelessly. To me, blogs r connections among the many hearts ard the globe. If I wasnt in the digital age, I'd still hv found a way to do this...some other way. But the essence of it wud still be the same. CONNECTIONS.

**What drives you to write a post?

the need to express, giving a voice to my feelings that I believe should not go unheard...

**Do you 'need' to write to justify an issue affecting your community or to defend your roots or your passion?

yes...all 3 sometimes and none at other times :)

**Do you want something out of all this?

Do we have to have a WANT behind everything we DO? I mean, sometimes we do somethings just cos we feel like...and whether we want it or not, we might end up getting something out of it, like a good lesson, some extra knowledge and understanding. So yeah, from blogs I learnt alot abt others and life in me that's a PRECIOUS outcome of this journey.


Kristen Hovet said...

blogging for me is definitely about expression and creativity. it's an open medium with so much freedom.

Alok said...

Gosty u will make me work so hard on this ... Well I started blogging when I was back in HK ... I am not a very out going kind of a person and in the absence of a family or people after I returned from work ... I was glued to the tv all day which was something I wanted to avoid and not become addicted to ...

... I used to write for my school magazine and all but had given up as other priorities like studies took precedence ... with ample time in hand in HK I started blogging to get back to a habit tht I had lost some where ...

What makes me write post ... well the fact that I am able to voice my opinion is something that drives me to write ..... and it gives me satisfaction that I am doing something beyond a 9-5 job. It doesn't mean that I dont like my job (I love my job) but then there is more to life than work and I would like to see what else I can do beside wht I obviously do well ....

Advertisement are indeed a distraction ... but honestly speaking I don't mind ... everyone makes money some way or the other .... it's also a way of making money so it is perfectly fine with me and I have no qualms abt it ...

"Do you 'need' to write to justify an issue affecting your community or to defend your roots or your passion - Actually no ... for me there is no such need ... If I have to do it I might choose my space or alternatively find other medium to do it ... but I dont necessarily run on the drive that I have to do it ... As I said I blog becoz I enjoy doing it ... It gives me satisfaction and to certain extent joy ... Moreover if you see I mostly write in the first person but tht necessarily doesn't mean that I write about myself... I am somehow a very private person (although I blog) and when I say I, I mean the reader (I wnt to see whether they can connect to it) and not necessarily me ... most of the post is an observation either from the prism of my own life or thru the prism of others ...

As regards feedback - I don't mind feedback ... good or bad ... there was once a reader (I dunno wheher he reads me any more or not) who used to question everything tht I wrote ... i was quite ok with it becoz at the end of the day if I am putting something up for others to read I should be prepared to face criticism or field any question. I actually enjoy people questioning my work for it gives me an opportunity to explain what I intended ... they might not agree with me which again is fine but none the less ...

And yes at the end of the day it is my blog ... my space and the last thing that I would like is for people to question why I wrote something (you might not agree with me but you cannot question why???) ... We all live in a democratic spociety (atleast most of us do) and we can express ourselves in whichever way we want ... if it is shit to others, they may choose not to read it ... or might choose to read it and voice a different opinion ... either way it is fine with me ...

And lastly it helps me connect with people ... it helps me read others opinion and views and if possible learn something ... learning is an unending process and if we are smart enough we might learn and absorb wht we feel is good for us and throw away wht is irrelevant ...

Ohh!! I am sweating now ..



Cinderella. said...

I'll keep it short and simple.
I feel blogging is a medium where you can be ordinary human being will flaws and gloss as well.

Poetry has been in my blood ever since I was a kid, but with time, i came to know I have no one around me who is interested in it or even cares that I am.
Gradually, I lost touch. Then came blogging into my life and I realised that wasnt true. It gave me a new life...made me believe that when I recite, there would be people who'd listen to me.

Thats blogging to me.

About justifying social issues, at times when the ways irk us, we do feel the urge to shout out, even when its just that all that we can do.Discussing the deal,kinda cools you down.Doesnt it ?

Well.Thats about it.I guess
I have said more than I intended to.

BTW, I wanna know what you feel about the whole deal.And , its nice to be back here, a place I have always felt happy being around.

Jeevan said...
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Jeevan said...

This is still a wonder, how have been this happen and happening that I could communicates to many from world wide making a good and friendly relationship. First of all I have more interest in journal, collecting information’s and day by day it happens to write of my own activates.

I want my readers to put true comment, not just to comment positively to satisfy me even thought I put a useless post. Many thought blogging is an entertain for me, not that, may be before I have non to share, but I have true friends now... I am not the person to think friends are just entertaining object. Even I have nothing to write, I continue for my friend at least. Just one or two blogger is enough, who may always be a friend and in touch life long.

Some time I feel for those sit before computer for their job, use the blogging a tool to entertain them.

Nachi said...

blogging is an outlet for all the myriad emotions that i feel for life and the words that i use to describe them. there's so much out there to learn, experience and share. and this is a way of doing so.

there's nothing spectacularly good or bad to look forward to in terms of feedback. you accept them the same way you would the "hi" from a co-passenger on the daily bus. over time you acknowledge the existence of the other person in your own scheme of life and then maybe sometimes it actually happens that you end up in a pleasant friendship. there's so much potential, its all in the way we look at it.



Nahuatl said...

Blogging is a way for me to settle my mind. If people read and comment, it feels nice, but its not necessarily going to my head.

I started again. Lets see how far it goes.

Ghost Particle said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters...this is a very satisfying post....I loved your emotions and words that give life to this blog world. This is why we are, this is where we are...we shall live forever. Thats what this is. I will compile your comments, and if you read this comment, please publish your thoughts in your own blogs...let everyone know what this means. God Bless.


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