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This is a snap from the movie Billa 07 (Ajith, Namitha, Nayan), a remake of the classic Rajini starer Billa. Billa itself is a remake of Big B's Don (again, remade starring Shah Rukh Khan which came out last year). The songs for Billa 07 are average, and the movie is mostly shot in Malaysia (just like Don). Somehow I think it's going to bomb...but hey, it's Ajith as Billa and Rajini gave his blessing and Namitha...enough to distract Tamil movie fans from 'street protests'. Come to think of it, if we had some police women commando like Nayantara (pic above)* I will go for any street protest! BTW, please read the plot in Billa 07 wiki, you're going to love it. My advice is, watch this movie, then watch Shah Rukhs Don and realize the real babes are in the Hindi Don, and then to cleanse yourself, watch Rajini's Billa. And have some Southern Comfort at it to sleep it all off.

* Lucky woman, to be standing on a police patrol car like that...wonder how much they paid for the shootings in Malaysia.


Keshi said…
** Lucky woman, to be standing on a police patrol car like that

I wonder who lifted her up and placed her there in the first place LOL!

Nachi said…
forget her on top of the police car!! what's with the 'wannabe' Laura Croft outfit?? if i want to see a babe (read as a sizzling hot almost to the point of melting female) in a tank top on the large screen, i'd rather watch Angelina Jolie in tomb raider.

...oh by the way, talking about watching movies, go see Beowulf bro! amazing! its fun to see what technology can do to a run-of-the-mill Norse legend.

and yeah yeah, 'Aaja Naachle'. Madhuri is simply gorgeous!
Sophie said…
she looks damn smart
Alok said…
:D (infact I dont mind the sight)
Jeevan said…
That's a great shot, looks like an Hollywood action (hot)heroine;) let me go and check the songs now!

Billa, Ranga, Bashathan iva pistol peasum'a beashathan :D
Is this you? :O

I least expected such a post from u :P

Anyways nice post.. It wud have been more nice if u posted Ajith's pic as well :D
I am still surprised! :O :O :O :O
Ghost Particle said…
[Keshi] must be a crane my dear...or thousands of fans wanting to 'lift' her. :D

[nachi] i hear you bro. Lara croft wannabe...Jolie would have kicked her ass. Im gonna catch it this weekend, hopefully. Madhuri is back?! damn...! must get the dvd...

[Sophie] True...lets c what happens in the movie.

[alok] me too. :p

[Jeevan] Billa roolz! :p

[Pons] well...i do need to post some masala stuff. heh...Ajith will come soon...when the movie is released. Thx da.
Nahuatl said…
Be careful with names. For a moment I started believing that I was in th movie... until I realized that it is the girl's name - twisted by GP :)

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