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At the height of stupidity

Probably you have read this;British 'teddy' Teacher in Sudan Court. It's not a joke, it's another stupid attempt by fundamental religious bastards to deny a persons basic freedom of expression. What's worst, this is so illogical, how could naming a toy with a prophets name be blasphemous when there are millions of humans out there with the same name? Why don't they gather them and put them in jail? Who copyrighted the name to the house of God? Sudan's attempt to uphold religion is a farce, just look at what they're doing in Darfur. Hope justice prevails, but not in Sudan certainly and not in most of the Islamic countries. Just hope the International community does something because if convicted the teacher will be jailed and flogged in public. I guess Britain would just sit it's ass on this considering the non existence actions it's taking about Darfur anyway.


QUASAR9 said…
Britain has threatened to flood Sudan with 'Paddington' Bears
The US has threatened to send in 100,000 'Yogi' Bears

And China would have sent some Panda Bears, except they are rare and are not 'bears'
Korea and Malaysia is thinking of sending in a container load of 'robot' transformer bears.

PS - Mohamma is a cured (ham-like) tuna from southern spain. So the fat lady (teacher) who almost nroke the camel's back, and gave the camel the hump, could always plead ignorance. But ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the 'law'
Alok said…
I so often wonder Siva every small incident these days is termed as blasphemous .... why dont people realise tht any religion and God for that matter is far superior and untouched upon by human words ... why dont they understand it simply cannot be maligned and if some one wishes to look upon it in a different manner it is their wish ... religion is still unaffected ....
Jeevan said…
Right said!

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