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All The Nights

the metallic taste
of the last drops of water
in the ceramic mug
on the edge of the table
and I pushed it down
watching it fall with terminal speed
to the bottom never reaching
slowly now
then the shatter
the noise of displacement
disfigured shards of something dead
she crawled out of bed
silence at first then I heard the door open
then I heard her breathing
with a blanket wrapped
over her naked body
she watched me
watching the mug
falling down still
when did she come
was it before it hit the floor
how long was it this night
our eyes locked
then the crash
the loud sound
the shattered mug
lie helplessly on the floor
and I followed her to bed
with no morning waiting



Miladysa said…
Whow! This is powerful

"on the edge of the table
and I pushed it down
watching it fall with terminal speed
to the bottom never reaching
slowly now
then the shatter"

I love the way you write this.. you feel the fall with your words!
Keshi said…
this was so graphic...good one Ghosty!

QUASAR9 said…
Pretty awesome imagery
the mug at terminal speed
the naked girl wrapped
the shattered shards
and then following her to bed

what was going on in your head?

Fragility, of the pottery of life
The intensity of colliding bodies
The Passionate Tension, frustation
The deepest intensity of the moment
Alok said…
awesome imagery and very powerfully written ...

good job

Cinderella. said…
Isnt 'irony' the lone mug, that hold's all the water that life allows us to drink ??? looks like everything is a larger than life mirage.
Your lines kinda confirmed this.
And left me a bit behind too.

Jeevan said…
A very different imagination bro! little confuse too.
U r 2 good in expressing ur mind :)
Nahuatl said…
Its not the end.. not yet brother.
Stop following. Take the lead ;)
Ghost Particle said…
[miladysa] living in the poetry! shall we all move in now to a new world. THX!

[keshi] thx dear! It is vivid.

this is the answer: The Passionate Tension, frustration...I wish for too much. :D thanx!

[Alok] thanks so much bro!

[Cindy]Something that never happens, but it happens just in other forms...we are not there to see it because we wanted many things else. Irony is just an excuse of life, but so are words. :p Hugs dear.

[jeevan] thx is if u dont read it from both sides...everything leads to the middle. :)

[pons] thx dear.

[Nayan] I will bro...very soon.

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