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Dying Planet

Yesterday was Blog Action Day. Today this Post.

These are photos of the Parit Falls in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. One prevalent thing you see whenever you travel to Malaysian holiday spots is...Rubbish. A classic case of third world mentality.

The Blog Action Day 2007 is about the Environment. And clearly we are beyond the point of no return. This post is just a small example how Asian countries mainly doesn't care much about the environment. The last bastions of worlds rain forest's and fauna, Asian forests are fast becoming dumping ground for rubbish and disappearing faster than before due to logging, farming and urbanization. Maybe it's time, through coordinated action that we highlight the seriously lacking environmental awareness just at our backyards so that the rest of us will take notice on what's going wrong. There is nowhere else for us to go.


Anonymous said…
I think we also as parents should teach our children that is not write to litter the place ...Nasra
Shiv said…
it is in each of our responsibilities to save the ourselves...else this lovely planet is sure gonna die the hard way!!!
Keshi said…
omg thats so very sad! Look at all those fish!

Jeevan said…
It seems to bring an effort on environment. It look like a beautiful falls a rubbish dumb, very bad, at least we can’t help, should not destroy.
tulipspeaks said…
its called 'tak ape' attitude, dear.

Ghost Particle said…
[nasra] true to what you said. parents must be role models. thanx for the jump!

[shiv] we must take that extra effort, another few seconds to bend and pick that rubbish. we must tink alike, I think we will prevail. Just for a moment. Maybe.

[keshi] yes...people are turning their land into dumpsters. sad.

[jeevan] you wont believe how dirty the other places look like. sigh...

[ammu]:D yeh..dont care dont care dont care...I dunno what will happen to our country.

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