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A Society as real as Yesterday

What makes us scared of immigrants flocking our cities today, when yesterday we read them in books and watched them in movies. No motivation other than to seek life, they are living a true border-less world, but we are deep inside united by 'made up' patriotism and xenophobia in chasing them away by our sharp stares and unblinking lips. Cold eyes says more words, but they are here for good. Did we expect something different? Why are we still being tourists in foreign lands when yesterday said tomorrow would be a just world. And you wished you could just walk over the border to a new country.

What's more worrying would be seeing them being together, held by their own idealism that our own broken society has no answer for. They don't mind for taxes, they use our public amenities that we paid for with our blood and sweat and yet we fail to find a solution. Our disunity will be our own grave, but do we break them apart? In giant metropolis's around the world, small towns make up the veins of the cities, we feed from them and sell to them. Those are the immigrant worlds. They started from huts to towns. They see a beautiful day in the same day we see gloom and doom. They are survivors who forage foreign lands for an opportunity. We are lost in cages in our own world. What colors contribute to our patriotism if we're left in rooms with shrinking walls. We stand united in electronic worlds dreaming of digital love from cyber friends. Who are we really because these immigrants seem so real.

Their tattoos and badges group them into violent gangs and yet we can only stare at them in trains and shudder thinking what they can do if they want to. But we are incapable almost paralyzed in our state of fear of what could have happened and what might happen. You dream of a weekend break where you want to see what you think you deserve to see but there they are in streams of ticking mobs who didn't do anything since yesterday. Tick tock, tick tock, like an ancient time bomb that if it explodes would explode for eternity.

All this might not happen, this too will pass but who are we to judge when they ask for what we worked for. That's what politics made of us, it made us belong to colors, colors of nationalism, religion and races and now here we are jeering at people who do our dirty work. What if they stopped doing it? What dreams we might have when small eruptions in the fabrics of our disunited society slowly spreads the fire. The quakes and rumbles of the real world mangles our mind and drives us to the brink of a fearful death. All this could be wrong too. But we didn't wish for our violent past didn't we?

This could happen in any city. Any country.

And yet, our day just started. Tomorrow's still to come.

[#] Real fantasies from a ride to the city.


Keshi said…
no one wishes for violence...but nothing can happen without wishing for it either...strange ha.

Jeevan said…
I understand what u… they occupied ours without nothing doing in yesterdays. Where in here more go in search of foreign lands, and we still lack for other land holders to settle.

Adjustment is a way to avoid violence or some other activities.

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