Friday, October 19


Tempus, My Hard Disk died today.
Thanks for Everything Tempus... ;-(

[update] I did the recovery thing, I hate this the most because there is no sure way of getting the files in one piece. Even if you manage, then there wont be file names, it will be endless copies, you dig up something even older... And what's worst is that you dont know if the HDD is really maybe the guy is in coma or something. I tried everything, except freezing the drive and taking out the platter. There are 5 partitions in my HDD, and this one had to go. My favorite, my work partition, my buddy and my traveler. A post will come in the future, but I will continue to have that dead cold void feeling inside for a few days. :-(


Jeevan said...

That's bad bro.

Maran said...

HD oso got pet name ah?!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...


By the way nice template!

Pauline said...

Like the new look, are you going to keep changing your images? Wouldn't want you getting into a rut... :)

starry nights said...

So sad:(

Ghost Particle said...

its sad guys, i cant imagine what I would have done if not for the backup a month back. But then again, alot of the files have no backups and its gone forever.


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