Monday, October 22

Monday and Rain

Monday started too late, or too early I'm not very sure. The crazy thing about being an insomniac and also working after midnight is that you loose sense of time...except that if moves forward damn fast. So I slept at 8 am, woke up at 12, had breakfast during lunch and now waiting for the rain to stop. And still have piles of work, deadline looming, have to go to the bank, have to buy lunch...which probably would be around evening, and dinner most probably be at midnight. Some stupid kid played firecrackers all weekend, the car alarm went off for like a billion times and yes, my blood pressure landed on the moon. It's been raining like forever now, and cloths take about 10 years to dry.

I'm currently infatuated with Mena Suvari (it was Camilla Belle before this) knowing very well I'm 28 and a loser. So this rain thing proves that Al Gore is right all along...that... Penguins are cute. Oh yes, I found out that this fcking btch girl, who has been acting nice all is actually all along helping the bad guy 630 to embezzlemoney out of another equally dumb girl. And black magic might be involved in this...all in the day and life of the Ghost.

All this gives me a headache, I think I'm getting sick and sucks. Anyway, I'm wondering why the heck can' t Indians stop being Indians and eat cereal for a change. Like come on, thosai is full of cholesterol and can give you stroke. I swear. Maybe I lied a bit. And I hate relatives, I fcking hate them. I dont know why I just hate them. Ooo the politics, the drama and bad taste. All this coz Deepavali is coming and they're going to bug me to death on getting a job, getting married...etc. And the oh so generous amount of crying...fck you all. I'd probably follow Vj to Andaman for Deepavali...sit on the beach and get drunk.


Cinderella. said...

I am so so agreeable to whatever yu said about realtives man !!!
i freakin hate thier guts you know. they have a comment about every goddamn thing thats is happening in your life !
What job you took,
how it was the choice of a wrong career move that soiled your fckin life,
how much is it paying you and that it is oh-so-meagre,
that its high time you got married to some decent fella,
if are married how its high time that you must have a baby......
sometimes it makes me wonder whether they're gonna end up asking "so how many times you guys copulate in a day ?"
Jeez !!!!
Freakin fck 'em !!!
You know you're good, we know you're good..i guess thats what matters at the end of the day !

Alok said...

Ranting ... taunting and agreeable to everything u said ...



Mandeep Gill said...

HIGH TIME someone bitched about them. i'm somehow greatful to be blessed with the ability of cold dissociation and never obliging when it comes to blood. they don't bother me, they don't get into any uncomfortable situation.

my grandmother's friend tried to set me up with her son during my grandfather's death prayers a while back. of course she didn't know me that well.

but its a strange psychology about these old people. hmm...

tulipspeaks said...




Keshi said...

ur a cereal dude? I hate fish food :)

**life sucks

who says so when Im ard ha? ;-)

HUGGGGGGGGZ get well soon!

Keshi said...

and relatives..they SUCK ASS!


MM said...

Thats some letting out for sure!!

Jeevan said...

It shows the changes in your routine.

In person some relation makes foolish, gain what they need.

Pauline said...

Wow, guess I can't leave a comment here as family connections are so significant in my life....Questions donot always need to be answered. Try to remember the person asking is doing so because they care about you and your happiness.
Enjoy your cereal ☺

gautami tripathy said...

You are telling me! Being single at my grand age of 39+ bugs relatives more than it does to me. You get the gist?

Ghost Particle said...

[cinderella] its the cycle of life, dictated by the others that I hate most. welcome back :D nice to have ur thoughts.

[alok] welcome back buddy. hahaha...yeh thanx.

[mandeep] thanx for coming. u r so right, they think that we can fit into their 19th century life. sigh...

[ammu] hahaha...why not! :p

[keshi] LOL okay smarty pants, what do you eat for bfast?! Im never sad if ur around Keshi. Hugs.

[mm] sure is sir!

[jeevan] well said bro...foolish actions indeed...

[pauline] reality check! should have added the 'some' word there. hahaha...true its good for the future, but if the future is uncertain?! Hugs!

[gautami] okay....that is hard! but freedom means more right.

Max Felicitous said...

Hey man, interesting blog you have here. And liking Camilla Belle doesn't make you a loser - it makes you a winner.

Ghost Particle said...

[max] are we ever going to share her...:P


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