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Let it Linger

Watched Click for the first time a whole year after it was released. I don't know why I miss so many good movies, must stop reading reviews and must go out more! The movie featured the song Linger from the Cranberries and even had Dolores singing the song in the final chapters.

Suddenly a rush of memories from years gone by...well there was a time I would ring up the late night, very early morning radio shows and request for songs, and Linger is one of my favourites. Enjoy.

[#] Don't know how long the tube video will last, many of the vids are taken offline, and a lot of copyrighted ones like this have their Embed function disabled.


Keshi said…
I love the Cranberries...

Pauline said…
dropping off a smile for the day :)
I posted two pumpkin pie recipes on my blog, just in case you want to attempt to bake one. its easy if you use the canned method, no need to start from the garden. Enjoy!
Princess said…

I thought if u can do a tag for me!
i've tagged you in my Dreamscapes blog.

please chk and if you find it interesting try doing it as well.

Miladysa said…
I love the Cranberies too!
Jeevan said…
Nice song, I like the music more than video. I too miss to watch many beautiful and interesting movies, when came to knowing through views.
QUASAR9 said…
Yeah still playing
Pretty cool, I like the cranberries too
Ghost Particle said…
[keshi] theyre great keshi...thx

[pauline] I will I will try it. Thanx.

[princess] Aiz...will do slightly packed now..just publishing watever is in my drafts...thanx.

[miladysa] theyre great...thx...

[jeevan] true pa...not all songs will look great in picturization.

[Q9]evergreen they are...

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