Tuesday, October 30


November 3rd will be the 50th anniversary of Laika's launch into space on Sputnik 2, the first living creature to be sent to space. Something I didn't know about the dog (follow link below). She is a martyr, a true hero.
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Jeevan said...

Recently they have found a cockroach gave birth in a satellite at space.

Sorry to know we lost Laika in our first attempted :(

Miladysa said...

I fear this will be a said ending so I will not visit the link :(

We need heroines too :)

Keshi said...


I somehow think this is animal cruelty.


homo escapeons said...

I was born in 1957! Isn't amazing how spectacular all of the Space Race with the Ruskies was..now nobody even watches the Shuttle take off..meh.

It onlt took 50 years to get bored with outer space...well not the fantasy stuff, but the reality. Maybe it's because Novels and especially movies have catapulted our imaginations so far ahead of what we are capable of that we lost interest.

Man are we ever impatient.


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