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This is truly wacky, but there was a time when I first found out what Halloween was...when I was like 10 or 11, I actually carved out a papaya and lit a candle in it and placed it on the gate. And the neighbors went...WTF! :D It was so funny, the only Indian kid putting up Halloween decorations....I did this for a few years. And yes, we don't get that giant orange pumpkins here...not the easy to carve types anyway.

If you were to dress up for Halloween, what would you want to be? What is the wackiest dress you can think of?


Keshi said…
I love that pic! Happy Halloween Ghosty!

**It was so funny, the only Indian kid putting up Halloween decorations

aww u sound alot like me...I was the only Sri Lankan kid doing that kinda thing in my neighborhood LOL! I was very a multi-cultural kid. Even my parents thought I was different compared to my sis and counsins.

hv a eerie one tonite! ;-)

Mythily said…
Happy Halloween ghost particle :)
Jeevan said…
Boo... Happy Halloween bro! i go for The Mask, to make laugh:)
Gordie said…
Tonight, Ghostie, I am going to be Phil Spector.

Happy Halloween, everybody.
Miladysa said…
Happy Halloween :)

I fear that it has become a little too 'Americanised' these days. 'Trick or Treating' is just creeping in here and many of our local Halloween traditions are being lost.

Traditionally tonight you should peel an apple in one - the peel will form the letter of your true loves first name ;)
Nachi said…
i have always wanted to be the puumpkin itself!! thought that it would be pretty cool to dress up like the pumpkin..but did manage to be the vampire once!!

happy Halloweens bro
Kristen Hovet said…
i like being something evil....or dressing up as a guy is fun, too! i love when guys dress up as girls!
tulipspeaks said…
hmm.. entah la.. mcm pontinak harum sundal malam kut? :P

Sophie said…
hi howz here after a very very long time
the halloween deco looks awesome
Keshi said…
did Dracula get ya?

Ghost Particle said…
Thanx for the comments guys...appreciate all of them as always....but am too freakin busy to reply and out of my mind right now. Hugs.

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