Wednesday, October 24

Gay Wizard is not Pride

Since I already had a rant and whine post before this, lets explore something more hardcore. By now probably half of the world knows that Albus Dumbledore is gay. Hey, if any news merits front page features, breaking news tickers in almost every news agency site, then this is important. So now comes the question, how would all those young impressionable kids accept this shattering news. For good or bad, does it even matter?

For one, Harry Potter is a new age phenomenon. When the literature world seems to have forgotten fantasy, the movie world spewing crap chick flicks, HP brought about a refreshing change to how a simple, not so complicated story can influence the kids to read. Now these are fast food, fast life kids. They read no book, they're obsessed with TV. But HP changed that all. Surely HP doesn't reach the genius of the golden age of fantasy stories and movies, but the new century is sorely missing good fantasy stories. And especially directed to the children and teens.

So change came, and then this thing about gay wizards? Are you sure this makes any sense? Why now, why...if not you want the OTHER half of the world to read the book! Yes, sell more book. You weasel know what you did? Now there will be school kids all over the world going around asking what is gay culture! And then surely in due time there will be banning of this book in orthodox countries. It's surprising to notice that not a protest came out of this, yet,. Has the world truly accepted gay-homosexual culture? This book is part of the new age culture, and it will influence people. Do you want to see homo-boys in school?! There will be the uninitiated asking what is gayism. How do you answer that?

Not to say there are no little devils out there at all, but this book will fire it up. Furthermore the statement that Dumbledore is gay is being heralded as 'a welcoming recognition to understanding gay-homo culture'!!!! This is so wrong, because for ages, the gay pride people have attributed homosexuality as a natural change, and now there MIGHT be a chance that a few hundred thousand kids thinking this is cool start kissing their guy friends. Could this happen? For sure there is no scientific evidence that children develop homosexuality naturally but for gay activists to say things like:
Gay human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said: “It’s good that children’s literature includes the reality of gay people, since we exist in every society.
Yes you do exist in every society, but this is not an excuse to recruit more! We must finally stop and think, is this correct in the first place, should we let the children know that there are people with sexual orientation problems who 'do not' want to be cured - this is ultimately a psychological problem. The crux of the matter is that, there is a growing voice saying that we must be liberal and accept same sex relationship, but in reality this can be averted, a good upbringing will not give birth to people who at a latter age proclaim to be gay. It's just an excuse. First of all they were shunned, then ridiculed and attacked, and then the world accepted them, but are they for real? Do you know that one of the major factors in STD and AIDS transmission are gay, homosexual relationship? I believe there is no need for an understanding of a culture that are created as a pop statement.

If they want they can change it all, change themselves and change the perception of people. In the end, there should not be an excuse saying that since they are here in large numbers, then they are real. Think of the family and friends that homosexuality ultimately destroys before even thinking of spreading the thought to children's. And by the way, this has nothing to do with religion.

Okay...maybe this post is turning into a rant. Well never mind, lets just watch Ammu make Deepavali cookies.


[+] Important reading on the myth of the 'Gay Gene'.


Mandeep Gill said...

Its nice to see that NOT EVERYONE is hyped about this. But first of all, homosexuality was not exactly introduced as a pop culture. Homosexuality has been around during and even before the Aztec Era. STDs and AIDS is still primarily caused by heterosexual intercourse. But i think the main point is that it is caused by unprotected sex. Anal sex has higher probability of HIV infection, which caused the myth of gays being a major cause of AIDS.

Despite it being accepted in today's society, it sure does make it queasy and worrying to imagine children being exposed to this before people are prepared to talk to them about it. I mean now i'm wondering if my bother was five years younger and suddenly came across this, i wouldn't know how i'd handle it. i'm bad at handling anything that has to do with him, so the outcome may not be exactly positive. But fact remain is, whether there is a gay gene or some sort of biological reasons to cause for homosexuality, its there and its accepted.

Education is the key. which makes it only more worrying. majority of the world is not ready to educate their children. That's the real problem. Sometimes i wonder if its necessary to bring a child into this world which is more confusing each day. Are you homophobic?

Keshi said...

so what if he's gay!


Keshi said...

atleast he's not a terrorist.


Ghost Particle said...

[mandeep] thank you for the explanation, we'll you do make a good point. Homo's been around like forever, maybe the pop culture is the one that made it cool. I might be wrong about gays being the major cause, it has been argued that AIDS was created to stop gay culture, well that is a conspiracy theory. Like you said, education is the only way, but with education you have to tell whats happening first for them to understand, so its sort of a double edged sword in any case. Dont let you brother read the book...:P hahaha...nah...there is no solution for this, JKR should have just shut up.

[Keshi] duh...:p ok, it doesnt matter!

Ghost Particle said...

[mandeep] I tink im homophobic...

Keshi said...

wut d u mean duh? tell me.


Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] coz u asked me what if he's gay...and my post answers it no? :P r u angry Keshi...? :(

Keshi said...

yes Im angry. LOL!


Keshi said...

btw I my first 2 comments were not aimed at was aimed at the ppl who think it's so wrong to be gay.


Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] hehehe...
well I do agree that there are confused people who are victims of their environment. They are victims who become gay because they didnt have anyone else to help them. but this is not the reason to say that anyone who feels attracted to the same sex must eventually be different and accept that fate. And certainly confusing children who doesnt know this is worst. Hugs Kesh.

Mandeep Gill said...

homosexuality is a strange thing. In some countries it is due to too many men and too little women, like in china. In africa, its an old age form of relationship. in the urban world, homosexuality is mostly due to loneliness and the vulnerable people who find men/women who cling onto each other which somehow develops into an errotic relationship. Friends with benefits gone upside down, and turn into some sort of love- some people consider it to be.

They aren't terrorists, of course. Sudden negativity of this culture is due to religion who focuses on the family oriented man/woman to be walking in the way god wants to them/something of that sort. And to some people its freaky because obviously its totally the opposite of how passion is channeled. You can see that clearly because today guys find gay men as disgusting whereas its hip to consider lebianism erotic or 'hot' as women have most of the time seen as to do with sexuality. but some gays, as in the more reasonable gays do have some good qualities in them that is rarely found in heterosexual men. they are highly sensitive and receptive to emotions and tend to be feeling listeners, which contradicts the natural personality of men. Men analyse. Gays feel. not all gays can do this, but some do. And tend to dress better and possess excellent fashion taste. these gays are the very same people who have been brought to light and people, especially women are in favor of these people merely because of their personality and i'm not talking about the ones who go drag. i'm talking about men who dress like men, talk like men and behave male on a non-personal level.

its not bad, but when mislead or misleading, especially to kids is somewhat worrying.

Homophobia. my brother is 13. he's a smart kid. he's homophobic too, but i don't agree with him. Keep telling him that despite their sexual orientation they are still people but the mutt won't listen. i guess its the phobia doing the reasoning at this

Alok said...

I somehow would tend to disagree with ya on this bro .... gay/lesbians have been in existence since humans have been (those ajanta and elora temples shows lesbianlism in abundance)

moreover i was reading in a recent science journal that homo-sexuality is not a disease and hence cant be cured ... to them it is as normal to think erotically of the same sex as for us to think of girls ....

but i agree wid ya on one point and that the hype that is created with all the gay movements and rights and all is really unnecessary .... so much so that I really wonder why ... these so called sympathisers and the activists and the patrons and et all just drive any and all issues to dis-proportionate stature and it is made to feel that nothing else is more important than their assertions ...

anyways ...


Ghost Particle said...

its interesting to note that it is a cultural thing after all in some cultures. It is accepted like what you and Alok said, in ancient civilizations. But in the modern age we can safely reduce it to being an erotic feeling. yet again, when it is the environment that changed such people into homosexuals, the same environment should not have existed now. In the legions, and warring societies, sleeping in the same tents caused soldiers to develop homosexual feeling and relationships.

The media is getting really liberal to them, movies, literature, you name it. Maybe its a good thing not to disfranchise them, or to the extend of murdering them like some regimes do, I cant imagine what happens in the Middle East. And certainly the male view of lesbianism is so damn cheap porn mentality. well thats that, lets not get into that.

I agree with you that the 'feel' is there for some of them. Damn, why did I say homophobic when I had friends who are semi-gay once. They get along well with a lot of people, and the ladies like them! But i still firmly believe if someone has a tendency towards homosexuality, and they dont like it, they can get serious medical or psychological help to change it.

Your bro! LOL. Maybe when he gets to Uni or workplace then he will meet the older ones and reason then.
But its true then we cant 'cure' them from the society. its too late and in todays political world it will be another form of apartheid's.

[alok] thanx for disagreeing...thats how we can discuss na. I understand the ancient present of homosexuality.

And yes, its not a disease, but its a feeling and if wanted it can be helped, changed for the better. Most gays just develop it at a young age, at a stage in their life. At that time they feel strange on why this is happening, hence all the reason they should get help to control it.

The gay movement is just like the war movement, its hot air. it just wants its 5 minute fame, sunday gay marches, and eventually every else money making things. Its all about money.

Thanx bro!

Keshi said...

**. And certainly confusing children who doesnt know this is worst.

I agree..


Jeevan said...

I feel this is unnecessary to insert the gay culture in children’s mind!

Ghost Particle said...

[keshi] yes, they matter the most.

[jeevan] true pa, this is so wrong.

Miladysa said...

As a hetrosexual it was not a matter of choice but the way I was created. I do not think it was different for a gay man or woman.

I do not believe that we should be defined as a person by our sexuality - it is a part of us not who we are.

I think that the world needs more tolerance. Is it such a great offence that Dubledore loved another man?

Anonymous said...

JK Rowling wanted some publicity. She got it. Thankfully, Tolkien and C.S.Lewis are dead. Else Gandalf and even Aslan would be announced as gay from writers who were depressed with dimming starpower.


Ghost Particle said...

[miladysa] its not hate actualy, its the silly fanfare that accompanies anything gay, black, jew and war nowadays. people are out there to color us all. The matter is, even if we learn to love, it is not enough to teach the whole world the meaning of gay, let it be true, or let it be false, we wont ever know. The point is, are we willing to let the children accept this as normal when it is not. But I agree with you, we must have a higher degree of tolerance to difference. thanx.

[kajan] well said, if we prod deeper, we might find more silly things...hemm one thing for sure, fantasy writers (dead) and the few imitators like JKR are doing way better now...something the true geniuses of SF failed to achieve...sad world indeed. remember Arthur C Clarke getting the pedophile case...nothing good will ever come of the world.


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