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Dont Live My Dreams.

Don't Live Our Dreams You Dumb Ass****. You Are Wasting Tax Payers Money. We Are Not Proud Of You. When Was The Last Time You Heard Anyone Putting The Nations Hope On A Tourist? Yes, You Are Just A Space Tourist. TOURIST! Every Single News Agency Out There Is Billing This Guy As A Space Tourist! You Have Humiliated Us. The World Is Laughing. Spinning a Top for Micro-gravity Experiment?! Then Why The Fuck Do Nations Spend Billions of Dollars On Experiments When They Can Just Spin A Damn 1 Dollar Top!!!

[#] Only Malaysians will understand this. For the Ones Who Understand What This Space Tourist Trip Is, our Blood Boils! --->
// On his meals, Dr Sheikh Mus-zaphar said the ISS was like a five-star hotel and the food was good.

He said he felt that he looked “fat in space.” //

[#] Read all about the most expensive Bozo in Space.[Here!]


Jeevan said…
He must spend his own money for his space tour. It’s just a visit and not to find or research technically.
Pauline said…
I am sensing a little hostility here. walk the walk, try to see the humor in each statement or promise made by these individuals. laughter is a wonderful cure, and can really put thing into persceptive. hugs from the USA
Nirek said…
when i heard a guy from malaysia is on spaceship, I thought u guys will be proud of him! This is irony!
Ghost Particle said…
[jeevan] true to what you say, only a nation with advanced space program's and real astronauts should use tax payers money to go to space.

[pauline] yes, i must learn to relax...and gave a sense of humor. :D Hugs!

[nirek] bro! yeh...the irony.

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