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Derek Redmond at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics

It's amazing where surfing can take you nowadays. Found this gem of a story from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics...still remember Derek Redmond's memorable race? Watch the tubes below.

Okay please tell me you felt something, tears...even a bit. That was only my second Olympics ever that I remember watching, though I absolutely forgot about this story. It's also listed as part of the ESPN 100 most memorable moments in the past 25 years.

The 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics was one of the best ever. Absolutely loved the breathtaking opening ceremony, I have to say, I haven't seen anything better than that, save for Australia 2000 and Greece 2004. Antonio Rebollo is a paralympic archer given the task to light the Olympic Flames by shooting an arrow over the cauldron.

[+] Derek Redmond Wiki
[+] ESPN moments.


MM said…
With the kind of connection tht I hv got here, Youtube takes forever and ever to come up with something. Shall try a bit later!
Keshi said…
na na its the Sydney 2000 Olympics that were the best :)

Jeevan said…
I could really remember only the last Olympics in Greece, where i write the medal winners of everyday in a book.

I expect something beautiful from Beijing Olympics 2008. excellent videos of Barcelona Olympics.
Pauline said…
So love the question "why do we need heroes" Isn't it wonderful to have people in our lives that we wish to emulate.Our children need heroes, people that they can look-up to, people that will challenge their abilities to do the best they can. Great post.

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