Saturday, October 20

Beyond Our Minds

There's so much to find beyond the barriers of the mind.
But why are we not looking for them?

Like at the end of the dream
when the child wakes up
to find everything in place
safely crawls out of bed
into our consciousness
the mind's eye is blinded
by the realities of the dead
what idealism is this
if we cant dream more
and forever
and what dream will it be
if we cant achieve it



MM said...

Simply loved those last four lines!
Quite thoughtful, they are!

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

//nd what dream will it be
if we cant achieve it//

Very well expressed! :)

Katie McKenna said...

Dreams are an interesting place to visit....would we give up "now" for "then" .. that depends..

Interesting, thought provoking piece , Thank you!

homo escapeons said...

Awesome insight ghosty. Why is right!

All of the great thinkers managed to climb over, under, or just crash through the bloody fence.

Jeevan said...

Very nice bro!

Ghost Particle said...

[mm] thanx! it came from the heart.

[ponnarasi] thank you poonarasi.

[katie] going to the past to find an answer to what we are not doing now is wrong. but then dreams are all we have sometimes. thank you!

[HE] i love to crash through and i know you do to. :D thank you.

[jeevan] thank you nanba.


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