Thursday, October 25

A380 History in the Making

The first commercial flight of the A380 was completed successfully by Singapore Airlines. A truly momentous day for the Aviation world. What made this more exciting is the wait, since it's conception to its first commercial flight, it took over 15 years for this baby to fly. And who better to fly it first than Singapore Airlines, one of the Worlds Best Airlines. The maiden flight's seats were auctioned off for charity. Check out the SA virtual cabin featuring the first suits in the sky.
I cant imagine what the first passengers would have felt, must have been a once in a lifetime experience. What more considering for many of us, this could be the last ever giant passenger airliner to be built in our lifetime. As unique as this is, the future is uncertain for the Airbus A380. I don't understand the dynamics of future transportation hubs, and how successful the A380 will be, but it sure is sweet to see someone kicking Boeing's butt once in a while. Discovery is rerunning the A380 documentaries, so be sure to catch it if you haven't yet, it's truly amazing.


Jason said...

It's a giant. I can't comprehend people make this massive chunk of metal fly in the air. Simply amazing.

Jeevan said...

"He paid $50,000 for the two places"!! riches could only offer that much.

QUASAR9 said...

Yeah, we had it fly in for trials last year - it's a great looking bird. Awesome!

Not sure what her environmental credentials are, but hey if you gotta fly - you might as well fly in style!

Ghost Particle said...

[Jason] u said it well bro...its huge and its flying...i cant comprehend the size of the tail and the wings...massive!

[jeevs] when they have it they will use it pa...well the world turns around...:P

[q9] agreed...they are claiming its the greenest we will see...


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