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Winter in The Summer

Probably by now you would have read about Professor Randy Pausch, the famour VR researcher who gave his 'last lecture', literally. RP is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has a few more months to live.

If you watch the lecture (direct link below) there are many things he shared, many inspiring 'how to achieve your dream' points that he himself went through in his life. Watching it is very emotional at moments, but it's equally entertaining; RP is not giving into his disease, he's happy that he lived his life and achieved his dreams. Most importantly is that he worked with his colleques in giving a chance for minorities and women to break into the science and technology field.

One good piece of advice from him to young women, which he himself got from another female collaborator (Sil):
When it comes to men that are romantically interested in you, just ignore everything they say and only pay attention to what they do.
That simple few words means alot, why do we always want to be bothered about what anyone says when they have nothing good to say, if they're any good at what they're doing but have serious ego problems, just watch what they do, learn it and do it better.

The most important thing is watching him makes you want to live more. In life, it doesn't matter what happens to us, what matters is when we do something and it helps others. Eventually it will come a full circle. Please do watch the full lecture when you have the time. It's one of those life changing moments if you are ready for one.

[#] RP Last Lecture (Streaming, full 2 hours, will open in Windows Media Player)
[#] Professor Randy Pausch Honorary Fund
[3] RP personal page
[#] News of the Lecture from The Tartan


QUASAR9 said…
Well there is no magic wand, no secret that can make it all go away
The biological body we live in obeys the laws of physics (and chemistry). As to what we do and how we live our lives we have a certain amount of indepedence or control - but what we are really 'free' to do is to define how we respond or react to situations with our mind.

Shall I cry or be sad at death or the death of a loved one - why?

I cannot control physical pain toothache or disease (though different people clearly have different thresholds) - however we can 'control' how we deal with it.

I cannot make another person love me, but I can define how I react to the situation - I can write odes to unreturned love, I can be saddened to the point of despair, or I can take some joy from the fact that there are many more fish in the sea and take a breath of fresh air.

Funny thing is do we even (ever) stop to consider how we so casually walked over the feelings of that person who loved us, a love we did not return. I guess by now we should really know how other people feel - except 'other' paeople feel & deal differently with the same situation.

One can have no car and be happy, and yet another can have a $100,000 SUV and be sooo unhappy because of some minor flaw or scratch on the bodywork or paintjob

I can't even remember some of the cars I had, yet at the time I know they made be both happy & sad.
MM said…
Thx for sharing GP. Am yet to see the full lecture, but I simply loved the quote that u had put up for us.
Jeevan said…
Sure I would spend sometimes listening his lecture soon, your words makes to look forwards to know him. About women I agree.
starry nights said…
Sad to hear about his illness. he uses simple words and terms and still he is able to convey the right message.
Nirek said…
boy, thats was amazing lecture. inspiring, emotional....that's fete any man will want to achieve in his life time!
Hats off to Randy! I am impressed by his lecture...I would love to be in his making virtual worlds class for sure...

childhood dreams...I lost touch with my childhood dreams for these days. Will gonna look at it again...

thanks bro...thats wonderful experience listening to his magic speech!

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